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TYPE: Salmonidae

BEST CATCH TIMES: As saibling is increasingly cultivated in aquaculture, it is available in deep-frozen and consistent quality throughout the year.

PREPARATION: Fried, grilled or marinated

TYPE RELATED: Salmon, Trout


The char has a mild, slightly sweet taste with a mineral aroma. The texture is tender and juicy and the meat is pleasantly firm. The color of the flesh varies from a delicate pink to a bright orange.

The char belongs to the salmonid family and can be found in cold, clear waters throughout the northern hemisphere. A distinction is often made between brook and arctic char.

The brook trout lives predominantly in clear mountain streams and rivers. It is smaller than the Arctic char and often has lighter, delicate pink flesh. The Arctic char can be found in various European countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Norway, but also in Canada and Alaska. Its habitat is characterized by cold, deep and oxygen-rich waters. As wild populations are increasingly shrinking, there are more and more aquaculture facilities that optimally meet the demanding conditions of the fish. Our arctic char also comes from sustainable aquaculture in Iceland.

The char is a real eye-catcher. Usually gray to green in color, the elongated body of the Arctic char is characterized by many small, bright dots. The belly is whitish-yellow, but changes to an intense orange-red during the spawning season. Typically for salmonids, the char also has an adipose fin on its back. The taste of the char is similar to its relatives trout and salmon, but is milder than both.

The char is also a popular food fish in gastronomy. Due to its delicate taste, tender texture and high quality meat, it is valued by many top chefs and used in a variety of dishes. The high omega-3 content also contributes to its popularity, although this can vary depending on the breeding period: In general, char that grow slowly have more omega-3, while fish from shorter breeding cycles tend to accumulate more fat.

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The Best of both worlds

The char is often titled as the best pick between salmon and trout .

The Best of both worlds

The char is often titled as the best pick between salmon and trout .

Fun fact:

The Schwarzreuter is a special delicacy. This is a dwarf breed of Arctic char, which can only be found in the depths of the cold Alpine waters. It has been traditionally put on wooden skewers and smoked since the Middle Ages.