Squids - holiday feelings for your home

If you want to bring a piece of culinary holiday feeling home, our squids are an absolute must. Apulian Pulpo, Moscardino, Sepia or Calamari - at HONEST CATCH you can buy this fine seafood and transform your kitchen into a southern premium fish restaurant in no time! Convince yourself.

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Spanish octopus arms
Spanish octopus arms


from  CHF 32.99*

Drei Patagonische Calamari auf einem weißen Teller
Patagonian Calamari

raw and without skin

CHF 26.99*

CHF 33.74 /kg

ganzer Spanischer Oktopus vor weißem Hintergrund fotografiert
Spanish octopus, whole


from  CHF 69.99*

Drei ganze apulische Sepia auf weißem, rundem Teller von oben fotografiert
Apulian Sepia, whole


CHF 24.99*

CHF 49.98 /kg

Tagliatelle di Sepia auf einem weißen Teller, von oben fotografiert

Sold out

Tagliatelle di Sepia

ready for portioning

CHF 26.99*

CHF 67.48 /kg

Fünf ganze apulische Moscardini auf weißem Teller angerichtet und von oben fotografiert
Apulian Moscardino

ready for portioning

CHF 26.99*

CHF 67.48 /kg

Seafood-Teller (Scalopps, Lachsfilet, Rotgarnelen, Pulpo) auf grauem Hintergrund

On sale

Barbecue Box

from  CHF 44.99*

Drei ganze apulische Calamari auf rundem Teller von oben fotografiert

Sold out

Apulian calamari, whole


CHF 29.99*

CHF 59.98 /kg


Squid and octopus are among the absolute delicacies among seafood. Their exceptional consistency and first-class, intense taste make them favorites among all gourmets, especially among friends of Mediterranean cuisine. You can prepare them in different ways. Whether boiled, fried, grilled or fried. The delicacies always impress with their firm, elastic flesh and their fine, sweet aroma. Nevertheless, they tolerate generous seasoning such as chilli and garlic, as well as parsley or savory. You receive our squid products frozen. They are flash-frozen immediately after processing, which preserves their first-class taste. They are then permanently kept at temperatures well below freezing until they are delivered to your home. This means we can guarantee the unique quality of these products.


What do I have to consider when buying squid online?

In any case, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable provider. Orient yourself on seals and awards and take a look at the imprint. The quality of the products is also important - here you can draw conclusions based on customer reviews. The origin is also crucial here. Make sure the squid is sustainably caught.

How healthy is squid?

It is hardly possible to make a general statement here. However, seafood is considered healthy due to its macronutrient structure. The key here is a high protein content and at the same time a low fat content - this also applies to squid.

How do you eat squid?

There is no one way to prepare and eat squid. Boiled, grilled or in a bouillabaisse – almost anything is possible. For example, cuttlefish work well in combination with garlic, and calamari is impressive on the grill. You can find tips for preparing our squid in our recipes section.

Which squid are the best?

Taste is highly subjective. The most popular among our customers are Apulian Pulpo and Apulian Moscardino. Our tip: start by trying out our range of products with small portions. This is the only way to find your favourite.

Can I buy sustainable squid from HONEST CATCH?

At HONEST CATCH you can only buy sustainable squid. Sustainability is just as important to us as the quality of the products. That's why we only work with fishermen and suppliers who take these two requirements into account.

Why should I buy my squid from HONEST CATCH?

At HONEST CATCH we love quality and sustainable seafood. That's why you'll only find hand-picked squid in our range that have been caught in a sustainable way. In addition, you will usually receive your squid the following day. This means you get maximum enjoyment with a clear conscience.

What does squid taste like?

Squids usually have a slightly salty taste. They have a firm consistency and are boneless.

What side dishes do you eat with squid?

Typical side dishes with squid are salad and rice. Use the squid as components of a seafood salad - as an appetizer or main course. Squids also comes great in combination with pasta.

What should you keep in mind when preparing squid?

When preparing squid such as cuttlefish and pulpo, you should definitely make sure to cook the animal long enough. Otherwise there is a risk that the meat will have a very hard consistency when consumed. Steaming squid is not recommended. Ideally, you should cook cuttlefish and Australian pulp in salted water for 45 minutes with the addition of a bay leaf. With calamari, it is crucial that you score the thin skin with the tip of a knife before preparing it and then remove it.

How do you recognize high-quality squid?

Several factors come into play when assessing the quality of squid. First of all, the color: Make sure that the product is snow white and does not have a yellow tinge. The smell is also important - squid should have a salty smell but not stink. Consistency is also crucial. To test this, do the pressure test. If the meat offers resistance and returns to its original position, it is a high-quality product. In addition, the goods should not have a film of slime after thawing.

Which wine accompaniment goes well with squid?

A dry wine is ideal as a wine accompaniment to squid, especially rosé and white wine. You can't go wrong with a good champagne either.