Calamari - from the coastal region of Apulia & Patagonia

Puglia is known for excellent fish and seafood. Our calamari also comes from the well-known coastal region. To be precise, the calamari is caught in the Adriatic Sea at Porto Santo Spirito, near Bari, by local fishermen. The goods are processed freshly using filtered sea water, which is why they are of sashimi quality. Immediately after processing, the meat is flash frozen. Calamari is a particularly tender, mild and high-quality meat without glaze and without preservatives.


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Drei Patagonische Calamari auf einem weißen Teller
Patagonian Calamari

raw and without skin

CHF 26.99*

CHF 33.74 /kg

Drei ganze apulische Calamari auf rundem Teller von oben fotografiert

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Apulian calamari, whole


CHF 29.99*

CHF 59.98 /kg


Before the calamari can be prepared , they have to be cleaned. The individual squid are packed in bowls and can also be removed individually. The smaller specimens can be enjoyed very well fried or deep-fried. The Calamari Medio are perfect for stuffing and grilling. When grilling and frying, please note that the calamari should only be cooked over high heat for a maximum of one to two minutes, otherwise they could become tough. In addition, the product can also be marinated for around two hours in a marinade made from, for example, oil, pressed garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper.

How do I recognize good calamari?

Calamari is considered good if it comes from clear waters, is ideally fished using a handline and is shock-frozen as quickly as possible after being caught. This is the case with our calamari. You will recognize the quality by the excellent taste and the impeccable texture.

What genus is it?

Our calamari is the species loligo vulgaris. They are also called: squid, squid, calamari, seppie, polpi and calamari.

Where do the animals come from?

Our Apulian calamari comes from the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and is caught there with hand lines. They are processed on the fishing boats and then delivered to us from the enchanting fishing village of Porto Santo Spirito.

What do I have to consider if I want to buy squid online?

If you want to buy calamari online, you should first find out about the origin of the animals. The calamari in our range comes from the crystal-clear Adriatic water with stony soil in front of the enchanting southern Italian village of Santo Spirito. These are goods of the best quality. In order to receive the goods undamaged and in compliance with the cold chain, it is also important to order from a reputable online shop. We can ensure this through our logistics.