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When it comes to raw fish, at HONEST CATCH, we set the bar exceptionally high. Our selection includes only the crème de la crème of fish from both ocean waters and aquaculture. We prioritize transparency, sustainability, and the health of fish populations in our global oceans. At HONEST CATCH, your raw fish arrives securely frozen at your doorstep on the desired date. Whether it's fish fillets & loins, whole fish sides, hand-filleted fish, or whole fish in sashimi and sushi quality, explore our dazzling range of frozen fish specialties at HONEST CATCH.

Lachs online kaufen - Der König des Meeres


Matjes - Ein absoluter Klassiker


Thunfisch - Beste Qualität für zuhause


Heilbutt - weißen & schwarzen Heilbutt online kaufen


Kabeljau Fisch-Illustration


Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish (Hiramasa) - einer der besten Sashimi-Fische

Hamachi Kingfish

Seezunge - aus der Bretagne & dem Nordatlantik


Sardine - der Klassiker für Feinschmecker


Süßwasserfische - nachhaltig & regional

Freshwater fish

Seeteufel - ein absoluter Klassiker für Feinschmecker



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Celebrate every victory of the German team with an additional one percent discount!*

Celebrate every victory of the German team with an additional one percent discount!*


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Bavarian Prime Cattle

Bavarian Prime Cattle

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled


Is frozen fish the fresher fish?

The question of whether fresh or frozen fish is the better choice is a topic of consideration for many connoisseurs. Surprisingly, frozen fish is often the superior option. The reason being, when fresh fish is frozen immediately after being caught, its freshness is preserved as the microbiological degradation has not yet begun. In contrast, fish at the fish counter can already be several days old before being sold. Some fish are even delivered frozen and then thawed before sale, which can compromise freshness. Fish is regarded as one of the healthiest foods, enriching many diets with high-quality animal protein, essential fatty acids, and minerals. This applies to frozen fish as well. Immediate freezing maintains quality, preserving all essential nutrients. The taste and aroma of frozen fish are also excellent. Moreover, frozen fish like salmon, cod, and tuna offer numerous practical advantages. It is available year-round, has a long shelf life, and is often pre-portioned. Additionally, frozen fish is typically boneless, making preparation even easier. Explore the freshness and quality of frozen fish - always available and consistently delicious.