Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish (Hiramasa) - one of the best sashimi fish

The Hamachi Kingfish is known as the Yellowtail Kingfish in Japan and as the Yellowtail Mackerel in German. Another name for the Hamachi is Hiramasa. In Japan, the kingfish has long been considered the true king of its kind, where it is valued as one of the best sashimi fish, whose fresh, slightly mineral taste is excellent thanks to the strong, firm flesh. The use of the most modern breeding methods without antibiotics and growth hormones, as well as the use of natural feed and minimal stocking densities, guarantee a fish that is one of the most sustainable and best aquaculture fish in the world.


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Filet vom Hiramasa Kingfish auf Eis und weißem Teller
Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish Fillet

with skin

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Sashimi fish box

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Hiramasa Kingfish von vorne fotografiert
Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish Side

with skin & bones

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1. DEFROST Thaw the Hamachi Kingfish overnight in the refrigerator or at room temperature the same day. 2. RAW The Hamachi Kingfish has a unique quality and is therefore particularly recommended for raw consumption*. As sashimi with a little high-quality soy sauce or simply lightly pickled as ceviche with lemon or lime - the Hamachi Kingfish impresses in all raw versions. The ready-to-cook Saku block is particularly suitable for easily carving raw meat. 3. FRIED Due to the very good intramuscular fat structure, the Hamachi Kingfish is ideal for frying and can even tolerate cooking times that are too long. Cut even fillets of approx. 120g from the Hamachi Kingfish and score the side of the skin. Heat a non-stick pan on a high temperature and place the fish fillets in the pan on the skin side. If necessary, weigh the fish down additionally with a spatula to prevent the fillet from curving. After about 2 minutes, we recommend either turning the fish or cooking it in a preheated oven at 180° C for 3-5 minutes. Then refine with a little sea salt and lemon. *Please consume raw immediately after thawing the Hamachi Kingfish.

This is what you should know about our Kingfish

The Hiramasa Kingfish is a real delicacy with its mineral, consistently clean and rich taste and firm consistency. The meat has a particularly high intramuscular fat content of approx. 20% and its unique melting appeal impresses gourmets all over the world, who even prefer it to its wild-caught counterparts due to its unique quality. The young fish raised in the hatchery grow in the open sea in a natural and unpolluted environment. The young fingerlings, weighing approximately 5 grams, are transferred to an open net enclosure strategically located in Spencer Gulf and cared for by a team of aquaculture professionals. Eighteen months after stocking, the 3-4kg fish are fished using old Japanese traditions and slaughtered using the Ike-Jime method. Pneumatic stunning and gill bleeding followed by immediate salt water ice cooling ensure maximum freshness and premium shelf life. The Hiramasa Kingfish is an excellent product that is suitable for a variety of dishes. From Japanese sashimi and sushi to Thai dishes, but also for grilling, steaming, baking and spicy salads. There are no limits to every cook's imagination.