Sole - from Brittany & the North Atlantic

In our range you will find sole from Brittany and the North Atlantic. We offer you the sole whole, but also ready to cook whole, or as fillets.


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Nordsee-Seezungenfilets auf einem mit Eis bedeckten Teller
North Sea sole fillets

CHF 39.99*

CHF 199.95 /kg

Ganze bretonische Seezunge mit Haut von oben
Breton sole

ready to cook

CHF 34.99*

CHF 87.48 /kg

Ganze Seezunge mit Haut auf einem weißen Teller von oben fotografiert

Sold out

Whole sole

with skin

CHF 26.99*

CHF 59.98 /kg


Flour soles and shake off excess flour. Heat the clarified butter until it bubbles slightly. Take the sole on the head side, place it in the butter and cook through. When the sole begins to take on a golden color, lift the fish tail slightly and continue cooking the fish in the thick parts for another 2 minutes. Baste the sole with butter again and again.
Brown Butter: To make the brown butter, heat the butter until it begins to caramelize. Once it reaches this point, deglaze the butter with a little lemon juice.
To serve: Sprinkle the parsley and brown butter generously over the soles. Salt and pepper to taste.