Sepia - from the depths of the Adriatic coast

The Apulian cuttlefish grows in the cold depths of the Adriatic coast and can develop its unique, delicate taste there. It has white, particularly fine flesh and a distinct, intense taste. Our cuttlefish has always been caught by local fishermen off the coast of Puglia around the charming fishing village of Porto Santo Spirito. It is then processed traditionally. It never comes into contact with fresh water, but is processed freshly caught. In this way, the meat becomes particularly tender and the natural environment of the sea water preserves the taste in an impressive way. At HONEST CATCH you can buy these squid online - the Apulian cuttlefish raw as a whole animal or as tagliatelle di cuttlefish ready to cook.


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Drei ganze apulische Sepia auf weißem, rundem Teller von oben fotografiert
Apulian Sepia, whole


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CHF 49.98 /kg

Tagliatelle di Sepia auf einem weißen Teller, von oben fotografiert

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Tagliatelle di Sepia

ready for portioning

CHF 26.99*

CHF 67.48 /kg


1. WHOLE APULIAN RAW SEPIA Defrost the Apulian cuttlefish overnight in the refrigerator and fry it in a pan with high-quality olive oil. Then refine with sea salt and lemon. 2. TAGLIATELLE DI SEPIA Tagliatelle di Sepia either plain or coated in breading on the grill or in a pan with high-quality olive oil. Then refine with sea salt and lemon. 3. DRINK ACCOMPANIMENT A well-chilled dry white wine is suitable as an accompaniment to the drink. *Please consume raw immediately after the Apulian cuttlefish has thawed.