Hamachi Yellowfin Kingfish

Everything you always wanted to know about Hamachi

TYPE: Seriola lalandi

BEST CATCH: As the yellowtail mackerel is increasingly being bred, it is available all year round in consistent quality.

PREPARATION: Raw, fried, grilled

RECIPE SUGGESTION: In ceviche, as Crudo or as Sushi



The meat of the Hamachi finfish is known for its mineral, yet rich and buttery flavor. It has a delicate texture and is easy to chew. This makes them a popular choice for raw preparations such as sashimi and sushi.

The Hamachi finfish is a species of fish native to Australia, particularly the Spencer Gulf. It is also known as yellowtail amberjack or amberjack and belongs to the mackerel fish family.

The Hamachi has an elongated body with a broad caudal peduncle and a pronounced dorsal fin. The Hamachi finfish has a silver body color with a yellowish sheen on the underside. The back is often bluish or greenish in color while the fins are a bright yellow color.

Hamachi in detail


Lives up to its name

The yellow tail fin of the Hamachi is a real eye-catcher!

Lives up to its name

The yellow tail fin of the Hamachi is a real eye-catcher!

Fun fact:

The term "hamachi" comes from Japanese and actually refers to the Japanese amberjack (Seriola quinqueradiata). The Hamachi finfish was originally called “Buri” in Japan. However, the term "hamachi" was extended over time to include amberjacks from other regions, including those from the Spencer Gulf in Australia.