Langoustine - also known as scampi, emperor lobster or Norwegian lobster

The North Atlantic Langoustine, also known as Nephrops Norvegicus, true scampi, or Norway lobster, hails from traditional coastal fishing in the glacial waters of Norway. These cold-water gems are harvested at depths exceeding 300 meters by small boats, braving the daily currents of the icy fjords. Our fishermen catch the langoustine between January and April in limited quantities, a practice aimed at preserving populations and ensuring sustainable enjoyment. Langoustine are regarded as one of the finest crustaceans globally and are employed as an excellent foundational ingredient by countless top chefs worldwide.


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Ausgelöstes Kaisergranatfleisch auf einem weißen Teller
Langoustine meat

tail meat, raw

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Drei Kaisergranate im Ganzen vor weißem Hintergrund

with head, shell & scissors

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Kaisergranat Karkassen auf weißer Platte
Langoustine carcasses

Head, scissors & shell

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Aufgetaute Kaisergranat Bouillon in weißem Teller

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Langoustine bouillon

Base for soups & sauces

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Savor the Peak Flavor: Langoustine at Its best

1. DEFROST Allow the langoustine to thaw in the refrigerator overnight or at room temperature on the same day. 2. COOK Melt butter over medium heat until a brownish layer forms on the bottom (milk sugar caramelizes). After the butter has cooled slightly, add the langoustine and cook, turning several times, for about 5 minutes. 3. FLAVOR Refine the carefully cooked flesh of the langoustine with a little lime zest and salt and serve plain or with lemon mayonnaise.


HONEST CATCH has consciously chosen not to offer live langoustine, as live shipping is neither ethical nor contemporary, and the fluctuating meat quality in stressed animals does not meet our quality standards. Instead, HONEST CATCH relies on cutting-edge processing and freezing methods to ensure unparalleled quality and practical handling. The North Atlantic langoustine from HONEST CATCH is humanely killed and processed using a gentle and appropriate High-Pressure Processing (HPP) technique. High-pressure processing is a highly advanced technology recently integrated into the food industry. It has various applications, such as cold pasteurization of foods (e.g., fruit juices) and the deshelling of shellfish. High-pressure pasteurization in seafood is primarily used for meat separation and preservation. Without any chemical additives, the meat is separated from the shell 100% intact and undamaged. This offers significant advantages: the shelf life of langoustine is gently extended, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms and minimizing the risk of contamination. Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are preserved, maintaining the texture and flavor of the scampi. After this gentle processing, our langoustine is immediately shock-frozen using the innovative cryogenic freezing process at -90°C. In the cryogenic freezing process, the North Atlantic langoustine is transported on conveyors, unpackaged, into so-called shock tunnels. Within these tunnels, refrigerants such as carbon dioxide (-78°C) or nitrogen (-196°C) are used and sprayed onto the raw langoustine through fine nozzles. The refrigerant is supplied from a pressure vessel into the freezing tunnel. A sudden change in pressure creates gas, which absorbs the langoustine's heat and can then be removed. Upon exiting the tunnel, the langoustine has a core temperature of -18°C and can be immediately packaged and stored. The langoustine remains individually removable. The refrigerants displace oxidative oxygen and prevent dehydration (drying out) on the langoustine meat's surface due to the rapid temperature drop. Additionally, the low temperatures of -196°C to -78°C immediately inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms. This freezing method is vastly superior to conventional techniques, resulting in lower moisture loss (only up to 1% instead of up to 4%), reduced meat color loss, optimal quality preservation through gentle handling and preservation of cell structures, maintenance of the natural flavor and sensory attributes of langoustine, and the immediate preservation of the raw langoustine's freshness.


Can I buy sustainable langoustine from HONEST CATCH?

Certainly, you have the option to acquire sustainable langoustine from us. Even exclusively. Our langoustines, commonly referred to as scampi, are sourced from the Norwegian Atlantic coastline, where they thrive in their native environment and are harvested in accordance with the established catch limits.

Why should I buy my langoustine from HONEST CATCH?

Buying langoustine at HONEST CATCH offers two very decisive advantages: First of all, the langoustine in our range is the North Atlantic Norway langoustine - pretty much the best that our seas have to offer in this category. In addition, you can enjoy the scampi in our range with an absolutely clear conscience: Since the fishermen adhere to applicable catch quotas when catching them, the continued existence of the local populations is ensured.

Where does the langoustine come from that I can buy at HONEST CATCH?

Our langoustines originate from Norway, specifically from the glacial waters where they inhabit depths of 300 meters. They are caught in limited quantities using traditional coastal fishing methods between January and April. This approach allows our fishermen to adhere to sustainability principles and contribute to the preservation of langoustine populations.

How do you recognize good Norway lobster?

The quality of Norway lobster is best judged by its origin. It is important that the Norway lobster grows in its natural habitat and under conditions that are as sustainable as possible. This is how the animals develop their extraordinary taste.

What should I consider if I want to buy langoustines online?

In addition to quality and taste, we consider the issue of sustainability to be particularly important when purchasing Norway lobster. Given the general overfishing of the world's oceans, we believe that it is more important than ever to only consume sustainable seafood. So when buying Norway lobster, pay attention to its origin. Various seals usually provide information here.

How does langoustine from HONEST CATCH taste?

Our langoustines are the North Atlantic Norwegian langoustines. These langoustines belong to the lobster family, which gives them a taste reminiscent of lobster. Their meat is exceptionally tender, offering a subtle nutty flavor with a touch of sweetness.

What sets langoustine apart from shrimp?

Norway lobster differs from shrimp in several ways. First of all, in contrast to shrimps, Norway lobsters have real claws and therefore belong to the lobster family. Even if you look closely at the tail, Norway lobsters differ from shrimps - it is significantly wider in Norway lobsters. The difference in color is even clearer: when raw, shrimp has a grayish-blue color, while langoustines have a reddish color. And the taste of the two differs anyway: langoustine tastes more nutty, shrimp usually tastes more sweet.