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N25 Kaviar stands for uncompromisingly unique sturgeon caviar of exceptional origin. Since entering the market, N25 Caviar has quickly established itself among numerous top chefs around the world and is celebrating a triumphant march through the international top gastronomy and delicatessen world. You can buy N25 caviar and umai caviar from N25 online from us - in different qualities and sizes as well as as a sample package.


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N 25 Blinis

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Perlmuttlöffel für Kaviar vor hellgrauem Hintergrund
Umai caviar mother of pearl spoon

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Our N25 caviar is not caviar from wild-caught sturgeon, the capture of which has been strictly prohibited for several years for animal welfare reasons. Since the international embargo on wild sturgeon, there have been numerous attempts around the world to produce caviar of similar quality to that of wild-caught aquaculture sturgeon. N25 Kaviar has made it its philosophy to produce caviar from aquaculture in a quality that is unique in the world. N25 caviar is in no way inferior to wild-caught caviar. ORIGIN N25 caviar comes from the China-Tibet border region, which is known for its natural beauty and untouched nature. China has been at the forefront of the best caviar farming for several years, and N25 Caviar is at the forefront of this movement. At exactly 25° north latitude, at an altitude of 2200 meters, there is the perfect microclimate with fresh spring water and pure air for the breeding of unique sturgeons. HUMANE SLAUGHTER What is particularly unusual is that the sturgeons for the N25 caviar are slaughtered after 16 years at the earliest, which means that their roe can mature for a very long time, whereas they are usually slaughtered after 6-8 years. The hand-picked sturgeons are slaughtered in a species-appropriate manner and with the utmost precision. With the help of professional slaughter, the quality of the caviar is not compromised and the animal is not tortured. UNIQUE MATURATION PROCESS The N25 caviar then goes through a globally unique aging process, which is one of the most important factors in achieving the complex flavor profile. During aging in the form of a special fermentation that breaks down proteins into amino acids, the caviar gradually develops its complex and rich flavors. Since the sturgeons for N25 caviar are twice as old as usual, they produce particularly high-quality roe which allows the caviar to be aged over a longer period of 3 to 6 months. At the end of the ripening period, the caviar membrane becomes more translucent while retaining its elasticity. This unique aging process gives N25 Caviar a nutty and floral taste on the palate with the right balance of saltiness, creaminess and marine aroma, an umami experience with every spoonful.

Frequently asked questions about N25

Why should I order my N25 caviar from HONEST CATCH?

Probably the most important argument for buying N25 caviar from HONEST CATCH is the issue of sustainability and quality. In order not to endanger the global sturgeon populations, we source our caviar exclusively from a very special, sustainable aquaculture. In addition, the sturgeons that supply our caviar are only slaughtered appropriately after 16 years at the earliest - so the caviar has enough time to develop its uniquely intense taste and its exceptional quality, which delights star chefs worldwide. The whole thing is sustainably packaged and safely sent to you within 24 hours - there's no better way to enjoy caviar.

How does N25 caviar differ from umai caviar from N25?

Basically, the N25 caviar and the umai caviar from N25 come from the same sturgeon farm and, unlike many other sturgeon caviar brands, go through various selection steps. In addition, all N25 products are matured over several months to give the products their unique taste.
In the final selection step, the caviar is hand-picked and packaged in Germany. In this last step, the N25 caviar is selected for top-class gastronomy, which is allocated according to type (Schrenckii, Oscietra, Beluga, Kaluge, etc.). While the umai caviar in the “Heritage” variety consists of Baerri or Oscietra, “Modern” is made up of Kaluga or Schrenckii.