Scallops - Canadian deep sea scallops

The Canadian deep-sea scallops, commonly known as wild-caught scallops, are sourced from Nova Scotia, Canada. They contain no chemical additives and are shock-frozen at -40°C on the fishing boat within a maximum of 20 minutes after being caught. The abundance of scallops in Atlantic Canada is attributed to their healthy population and sustainably managed, quota-controlled fishing. These scallops are True Count, meaning they are not soaked in water, contrary to common practice, and are only sprayed with a protective layer of water after weighing.


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Kanadische Jakobsmuscheln ohne Schale auf Eis auf weißem Teller
Canadian scallop

raw mussel meat

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Seafood-Teller (Scalopps, Lachsfilet, Rotgarnelen, Pulpo) auf grauem Hintergrund

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Barbecue Box

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Meeresfrüchte im Mix auf einem Teller von oben fotografiert auf weißem Hintergrund
Seafood Mix (Frutti di Mare)

Mussels, prawns & scallops

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Tasty and juicy – ​​scallops are sweet delicacies from the sea and have many uses in the kitchen. Because our scallops are processed quickly immediately after being caught, both their special aroma and their natural texture are completely preserved. 1. BAKING Defrost the scallops gently in the refrigerator or individually at room temperature. Scallops should be dried well before preparation, otherwise they will become watery and therefore will not produce any roasted aromas. However, this is more relevant when preparing it in the pan. Place the prepared scallops in real scallop shells or small porcelain bowls. Mix a paste of dry white bread, white wine, salt, pepper, diced tomatoes, diced garlic and olive oil. Pour this mixture onto the scallops and gratinate them with Parmesan cheese in the oven at top heat. 2. FRIED Fry the gently thawed and as well dried scallops as possible on both sides in a hot, coated pan in heat-resistant oil. At best, a golden brown crust will develop. At the end of the frying process, add some butter, garlic and thyme. Then toss the mussels in the pan and finally deglaze them with a dash of white wine and a little lemon juice.

Frequently asked questions about scallops

How do I recognize good scallops?

Scallops are often injected with water, leading to increased water retention during preparation and therefore weighing more than their actual weight, resulting in receiving less than the expected quantity. Our scallops are individually shock-frozen and packed immediately after harvesting. Following weighing, they are lightly glazed and individually separable from the package.

Buy scallops online - what genus are they?

Our scallops are the species Placopecten magellanicus. Also known as pilgrim mussels.

Can I also buy sustainable scallops from HONEST CATCH?

Of course! HONEST CATCH only offers you high-quality, sustainable seafood from all over the world. Our range of fish and seafood is a selection of the best products on the market. The Comeau scallop is also particularly sustainable because it can only be fished according to quotas.

What do I have to consider when buying scallops online?

<p> If you're looking to buy scallops online, it's essential to learn about their origin. The scallops in our selection come from the deep sea of Canada and boast top-quality standards. Unlike common practices, they haven't been injected with water; instead, they are lightly sprayed with a fine protective layer of water after weighing.</p>
<p> Also make sure that you get the scallops from a reputable dealer. This is the only way to ensure that the cold chain is maintained during transport and that the products are delivered in perfect condition.</p>

Why should I buy scallops from HONEST CATCH?

At Crusta Nova, we are dedicated to sourcing the finest offerings from the world's oceans. This dedication led us to include Comeau Canadian wild-caught scallops in our selection. The Comeau deep-sea scallops are MSC certified and harvested in accordance with quotas to protect the stocks. Additionally, they are considered True Counts, meaning they are not injected with water but lightly glazed. The raw weight accurately represents the actual weight of the scallop meat. Purchasing scallops with these distinctive attributes is a rarity

Where do HONEST CATCH scallops come from?

Our scallops come from Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada and are caught by hand from the deep sea. Our supplier is Comeau, a traditional family business. We guarantee the origin and excellent quality of the goods when you buy scallops from us.