The path to the largest land-based shrimp farm in the world

How does a lawyer decide to implement land-based shrimp farming in Bavaria? And how does this lead to planning for the largest and most sustainable land-based shrimp farm in the world? In an interview with Rotary magazine, the founder of HONEST CATCH and co-CEO of Oceanloop Dr. Fabian Riedel on his path to the Bavarian shrimp and how it should develop into a European alternative in the future. In addition to the breeding facility in Langenpreising, which has been producing Bavarian shrimp since 2016, a facility is also to be built in Spain in the future, which will bring the same advantages: no external environmental influences, low water consumption through water circulation and no cases of illness in the stocks thanks to AI -Surveillance. Take a look with Dr. Fabian Riedel and Rotary Magazine into the future of regional shrimp farming.