Revolutionary Shrimp Farming - A Pioneer Story

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of sustainable shrimp farming. It all started with a humble student apartment, Australian crabs and the groundbreaking concept of Cursta Nova. After 10 years of hard work, we have permanently changed the seafood trade with the companies HONEST CATCH and Oceanloop as well as the Bavarian Shrimp . Find out how we are revolutionizing local shrimp farming using land-based saltwater aquaculture in the K5 ChefTreff interview with Sven Rittau. Antibiotics, no thanks! We rely on high-quality, environmentally friendly breeding. But how did we manage to develop from a pure B2B model into a multichannel company? Our founder Fabian shares his experiences as a first mover in the industry and provides exciting insights into the world of aquaculture. Find out how sister company Oceanloop is pursuing the vision of advancing sustainable shrimp farming worldwide. This episode will inspire you and enrich you with new knowledge about the impressive functionality of Oceanloop 's land-based saltwater aquaculture as well as HONEST CATCH's pioneering multi-channel strategy.