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Our Apulian anchovies grow on the Adriatic coast and can develop their particularly delicate taste in the crystal-clear waters of southern Italy. Worth considering for anyone who likes to buy fish. For centuries, Apulian anchovies have traditionally been eaten raw, salted, pickled or in a variety of regional dishes and valued as a delicacy. The anchovies from Porto Santo Spirito are sustainably fished and processed with particular care. Every anchovy goes through strict quality control, is given the typical butterfly cut by hand and is cleaned exclusively in filtered sea water. The special quality makes our Apulian anchovy a true culinary delight, especially raw.


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Die Oritz Anchoas in Olivenöl im Glas
Ortiz anchovies in olive oil

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Apulische Sardellen im Butterfly-Schnitt auf einem weißen Teller von oben fotografiert

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Apulian anchovy fillets

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CHF 79.96 /kg


1. THE APULIAN ANCHODY RAW The Apulian anchovy best develops its unique aroma raw and is an ideal starter with just a few simple steps, a dash of olive oil and a little salt. 2. FRIED APULIAN ANCHODY Briefly fry the Apulian anchovy on both sides in a dash of olive oil, garlic and a little thyme. 3. FRIED APULIAN ANCHODY Dredge the Apulian anchovies in flour, salt and pepper and fry them in a pan with plenty of oil. Then marinate with a little lemon and serve slightly warm. *Please consume raw immediately after the Apulian anchovy has thawed.