The MSC seal - your compass for sustainable enjoyment

We are proud to not only offer you exquisite taste, but also to showcase our commitment to preserving the marine environment. A key part of our promise is the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seal, which guarantees the sustainability and origin of our products.


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Kanadische Jakobsmuscheln ohne Schale auf Eis auf weißem Teller
Canadian scallop

raw mussel meat

from  CHF 89.99*

Tristan Languste auf weißem Teller, von oben fotografiert
Tristan lobster tail

In shell

from  CHF 17.99*

Ausgelöstes Fleisch vom kanadischen Hummer auf weißem Teller


Canadian lobster meat

broken meat

CHF 44.99*

CHF 179.96 /kg

Kanadischer Hummer-Tail fotografiert auf weißem Teller


Canadian lobster tail

in shell

CHF 22.99*

CHF 19.16 /100g

Black Cod Filet auf einem Teller mit Eis auf hellgrauem Hintergrund


Black cod fillet

CHF 27.99*

CHF 111.96 /kg

Weißer Teller mit gepulten, vorgekochten Nordseekrabben

On sale

North Sea brown shrimp


CHF 80.99*


CHF 89.99*

CHF 89.99 /kg

Schwarzes Seehechtfilet auf Eis auf weißem Hintergrund

Sold out

Patagonian Toothfish

with skin

CHF 19.99*

CHF 133.27 /kg

Schollenfilet auf weißem Teller
Plaice fillets

without skin

CHF 19.99*

CHF 36.35 /kg

Tristan Languste angerichtet auf Teller
Tristan Lobster

with head & shell

from  CHF 19.99*

Meeresfrüchte im Mix auf einem Teller von oben fotografiert auf weißem Hintergrund
Seafood Mix (Frutti di Mare)

Mussels, prawns & scallops

CHF 9.99*

CHF 39.96 /kg

Halber kanadischer Hummer mit Schale und Scheren auf weißem Teller
Canadian lobster, halved

with head, Shell & scissors

CHF 24.99*

CHF 156.19 /kg

Hummer, Kanada, Scheren- und Gelenkfleisch auf weißem Teller
Canadian lobster, claw & knuckle meat

Claw and knuckle meat

CHF 44.99*

CHF 179.96 /kg

What is the MSC seal?

The MSC seal is a globally recognized symbol for sustainably fished products. It is designed to give consumers peace of mind that the fish they buy comes from a sustainable fishery. When you discover products with the MSC seal in our seafood online shop, you can be sure that they meet strict guidelines for environmental protection, conservation and responsible fishing practices.

We understand the importance that protecting the oceans has on our ecosystem and our well-being. That's why we work closely with fisheries that are committed to the MSC principles. By entering into these partnerships, we not only promote the health of the marine environment, but also support the long-term viability of fish stocks.

We warmly invite you to discover the variety of our products that have been awarded the MSC seal. Enjoy not only the incomparable taste of first-class seafood, but also the good feeling of making a sustainable choice - for your moments of pleasure today and the seas of tomorrow.