Crawfish - whole & as a crawfish tail

Explore our collection to find not only the renowned tristan crawfish, but also a diverse range of exquisite lobsters hailing from different parts of the world.


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Tristan Languste auf weißem Teller, von oben fotografiert
Tristan lobster tail

In shell

from  16,99 €*

Tristan Languste angerichtet auf Teller
Tristan Lobster

with head & shell

from  19,99 €*

Karibischer Langustenschwanz in Schale auf einem weißen Teller

Sold out

Caribbean rock lobster tail

in shell

from  39,99 €*


COOK Bring a large pot of salted water (1 tablespoon of salt to 1 liter of water) to the boil. Add the crawfish to the pot and let it simmer just below the boiling point for about 17 minutes. STEAM Switch your combi steamer to 60 degrees or bring salt water to the boil for an insert steamer. Place the crawfish in the cooking basket or combi steamer and let it steam for about 18 minutes. ROAST MEAT Heat a large pan and fry the rock lobster halves in olive oil, meat side first, for about 3 minutes. Then turn it over and leave it in the pan on a low heat for another 5 minutes and add some butter to the pan. Baste the crawfish meat repeatedly with the melted butter.