Our promise to you

Honest seafood – for enjoyment with a clear conscience

At HONEST CATCH we are proud to offer you a transparent, sustainable and high-quality selection of fish and seafood. Seafood only ends up on our plates if it meets these three criteria:

Honest seafood – for enjoyment with a clear conscience

In uncompromising quality – selected with love and expertise

For the best taste – which the foodies and star restaurants trust

We understand the need to protect the fragile balance of the oceans and through our actions we are committed to ensuring that future generations can also experience the ocean's recurring abundance. Our mission is to make honest seafood available to you responsibly and always fresh. Enjoying seafood with a clear conscience drives us and inspires our daily work.
Our vision is to bring about positive change through our efforts. We work to find solutions to the challenges facing our oceans and us as consumers.

The silent crisis underwater: The threat to the seas and their inhabitants

It is wishful thinking that the dazzling variety of fish and seafood is endless. Nevertheless , the hunger for the sea continues to increase.Global overfishing is now seen as one of the most serious problems for the health of the oceans and the survival of their inhabitants. Stock-threatening fishing with destructive equipment, net bycatch , the effects of oil and gas extraction and global shipping traffic are destroying complex ecosystems that are essential for maintaining productive fish stocks. Not to forget microplastic pollution , which also contributes to this problem.

You don't want antibiotics, high stocking densities, overfishing and microplastics to get into your net when buying seafood?

As seafood innovators who farm shrimp ourselves , we know exactly what is important when it comes to seafood. That's why our seafood comes from transparent and environmentally friendly fishing . We value careful fishing methods and only select fish and seafood if their stocks are secure.

On the other hand, we rely on alternative breeding in sustainable aquaculture . The controlled breeding of fish, mussels, crabs, shrimps and algae in salty and sweet water allows our seas to breathe a sigh of relief: the use of antibiotics or chemicals is avoided and instead the use of modern filter and water treatment systems is used, which also avoids bycatch.

Our products go through a careful selection and are tested by the best chefs in the country . You can be sure to get the best curated seafood from us.

Seafood Reality: Fresh is not always fresh

Another widespread belief is:

Fresh seafood = fresh seafood .

But the next time you stand in front of a fish counter, remember this: What you imagine as “fresh” and what the food industry sells as “fresh” may not be the same.

...But why is it like that?

  1. Due to processing times, transport or distribution routes, the seafood you see on display may be up to two weeks old. In this case, fresh simply means that the seafood has never been frozen. We think that's #notsohonest.
  2. Fresh fish in the fish counter display is often frozen for safe transport and then thawed on site. In other words – fish from the fish counter is often thawed, frozen fish that is no longer quite as fresh. We think that's #notsofresh

Don't want to miss out on maximum freshness?

Fortunately, the technology does not stop at aquaculture and fishing boats. On many boats, the catch is flash-frozen directly at sea , which means it retains its sensory freshness . But despite this high quality, fair prices are of great importance to us. Fair means that prices are in line with our responsibility towards the environment, animal welfare, quality and the people who deliver this quality.

We understand that price plays a crucial role in your purchasing decision. That's why we have introduced discount scales for higher purchase quantities. It will be worth it, especially if you cook regularly or feed your family. We want to make high-quality, environmentally conscious seafood accessible without compromising on quality and sustainability.

Why frozen seafood preserves sensory freshness

Time stands still with freshness. All of our seafood, apart from the fresh Bavarian shrimp , is frozen. The fact is that freezing seafood in its freshest state stops the quality clock and preserves the taste, texture and nutritional values ​​as much as possible . So you don't have to live right by the water to enjoy high-quality seafood that tastes just as fresh as it was freshly caught.

For us, sensory fresh seafood means that it retains the taste, texture and nutritional values ​​as if it had just been taken from the sea.

Your Freezer: The Key to Fresh Seafood Whenever You Want It

Frozen products have a longer shelf life and are easier to store and prepare . Your freezer is a treasure trove of possibilities. No matter whether you decide on a quick decision for a delicious seafood dish or plan your meals in advance - the freezer gives you and everyone in your household the freedom to enjoy sensory-fresh seafood whenever you want.

With safe defrosting methods, you can stay in control and prepare your seafood dishes with precision.

Do you want good service and good professional advice at all times?

Our customer service team is available not only for orders, but also to deepen your knowledge of fish and seafood. We'll give you the fin if you need our expert opinion or preparation tips . The algae forest of sustainability seals and batches is opaque. As seafood innovators who grow shrimp ourselves, you can trust us. We have a deep insight into the world's oceans and aquaculture. Our products are the result of many years of work and experience .

Whether you're preparing for meal prep for the week, planning a weekend dinner party with friends, creating a festive Christmas table or organizing an Easter brunch with the family - we're happy to share our expertise so you can make informed decisions and enjoy your seafood to the fullest

Your time, your control: HONEST CATCH makes life easier

In a world that is becoming increasingly flexible, connected and confusing, we want to give you back control over your time . Your everyday life, your free time and your weekend should belong to you and not to the queue at the supermarket checkout. Time has become a precious commodity that, like food, cannot be wasted .
At HONEST CATCH, your satisfaction and convenience are the focus of our service. With our user-friendly online shop you can order conveniently from anywhere. Our flexible shipping service allows you to set the delivery date according to your needs, regardless of your location. We bring the freshness of the sea, perfectly frozen and without compromise on quality and taste, in an environmentally friendly way directly to your home.
That's why we have equipped our online shop with the following features:

Your online shop advantages

With these tools we want to offer you a seamless and convenient shopping experience so that you can use your time for what's most important: enjoying high-quality seafood.

✓ Inventory tracker ✓ Back-in-stock reminders ✓ Click & Collect ✓ Order on the desired date ✓ Shipping within 24 hours ✓ Online chat function ✓ Environmentally conscious shipping

Environmentally conscious shipping: quality and sustainability in one box

Sustainability and uncompromising quality are not only important to us when it comes to seafood. That's why we ship our specialties exclusively in highly efficient, thermally insulated recycling boxes , in collaboration with GO! Express & Logistics , the most reliable express shipping in Europe. Our shipping is not only packaged in an environmentally friendly way , but also perfectly refrigerated to ensure the freshness and quality of our products. Find out more about our packaging and shipping options here .

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