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Our mission is sustainable fish and seafood of the best quality. That's why all seafood comes from fishermen who, like us, are committed to sustainable consumption to protect our seas and nature. We even breed our Bavarian shrimp ourselves. It's not without reason that real gourmets rely on our products.

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Bavarian Prime Cattle

Bavarian Prime Cattle

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled


Tristan crayfish

Tristan crayfish

Discover the rare delicacy

Discover the rare delicacy

Tristan Languste im Ganzen und als Tail auf Teller

Buy honest seafood online at HONEST CATCH

Dive into the world of honest seafood! As experts who farm shrimp ourselves, we know exactly what is important. With transparent origins and environmentally friendly selection, we guarantee fresh seafood with the highest quality standards. We always pay attention to sustainable fishing methods and secure stocks. Discover delicacies from the sea and sustainable aquacultures and be inspired by the best seafood recipes and helpful how-to guides for culinary highlights. Trust in first-class products that have already won over the best chefs in Germany. Order conveniently from home and receive fresh, first-class seafood delivered directly to your doorstep. For culinary pleasure with a clear conscience - buy seafood online now at HONEST CATCH!


Buy seafood online: Which product do you recommend for beginners?

Our products are suitable for everyone. With a little sense of proportion you can achieve great results, especially since most seafood arrives ready to cook. We would be happy to recommend our shrimp to anyone who would like to get to know our product range, such as the Bavarian shrimp from our own sustainable breeding or the particularly popular Obsiblue shrimp from the blue lagoons of the South Seas of New Caledonia.

Can I buy sustainable seafood from HONEST CATCH?

In the HONEST CATCH range you will only find sustainable seafood. We breed our Bavarian shrimp ourselves in our sustainable farm. We source the remaining seafood exclusively from suppliers we personally know and who, like us, are committed to sustainability. We have convinced ourselves of this in each individual case by visiting the respective companies and breeding farms and subjecting them to our in-house quality control.

Buying seafood online: How do I recognize quality products?

High-quality seafood is typically associated with fine dining establishments. This unquestionably holds true for the seafood in our selection. Thanks to cutting-edge freezing methods, our seafood arrives with its sensory freshness intact. Behind our seafood, aside from our specially cultivated fresh shrimp, are typically aquaculture companies dedicated to bringing sustainable seafood to the market. This ensures utmost transparency: As a customer, you have the opportunity to learn about the production process on the manufacturer's website. This sets us apart from competitors who merely label their products as "fresh from the sea."

Why should I buy my seafood from HONEST CATCH?

HONEST CATCH represents the pinnacle of seafood and fish quality. It's no coincidence that we supply not only consumers but also numerous top-notch fish markets and restaurants, including many Michelin-starred establishments in Germany and Austria. In our product selection, we prioritize not only unique flavor but also the origins and breeding conditions of the seafood and our own Bavarian shrimp.

What specific tools should I consider for seafood preparation?

You can prepare all the seafood from our selection without requiring any specialized equipment. Typically, lobster tongs come in handy for dealing with lobsters, but since we offer ready-to-cook lobsters in our online shop, you won't need them. When working with delicate seafood, an angled spatula is useful for turning it in the pan. Additionally, it's recommended to use a dedicated oyster knife for opening oysters. When it comes to preparing seafood, a fundamental rule is to have spices, high-quality butter, and aromatic oils readily available.

Where does the seafood come from that I can buy at HONEST CATCH?

In the majority of cases, HONEST CATCH serves as the exclusive distributor for global suppliers in Germany and Austria. These suppliers are selected with great care, each possessing unique qualities within their respective product categories and already having established their brands and narratives in various parts of the world.

Which wine should I buy with seafood?

The ideal wine pairing for your seafood selection depends on the specific product and, most importantly, the flavors you've chosen. For instance, if you opt for our Bavarian shrimp, we recommend a Pinot Blanc. As for lobster, you can pair it beautifully with a Miraval Rose, an AIX Rose, or, of course, a Ruinart Champagne. Detailed wine pairing recommendations for each product can be found on their respective product pages.