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Salmon, also known as the king of fish, is one of the most popular fish to eat. Rightly so! Salmon meat contains a variety of health-promoting substances such as omega-3 fatty acids, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And even more important: salmon simply tastes extremely good. At HONEST CATCH you can buy high-quality and sustainable salmon online.


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Celebrate every victory of the German team with an additional one percent discount!*


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1. RAW* Our Ōra King salmon and our Coho wild salmon are even suitable for eating raw*, immediately after thawing - as sashimi with a little high-quality soy sauce, as a tartare with lemon zest on a bed of avocado or simply lightly marinated with lemon or lime.
2. FRIED With its high fat content, salmon is also impressive when fried in a hot pan. Cut the salmon into fillets of approx. 120 g and fry them for approx. 5-10 minutes on each side. Then refine with sea salt and lemon.
3. LOW TEMPERATURE The salmon is also suitable for preparation in the oven. To do this, put fillets of approx. 120 g in the oven at approx. 120° C for approx. 20 minutes. This is the best way to preserve the flavor of the salmon. Then refine with sea salt and lemon.
* Not all of our salmon products are suitable for raw consumption.


Salmon are divided into three genera: Oncorhynchus, Salmo and Salmothymus. They belong to the family of salmonid fish, which in turn belong to the order of salmonids. Both Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon are born in fresh waters and then migrate to the salty sea. As soon as they are able to reproduce themselves, they return to freshwater to spawn.

APPEARANCE The most characteristic feature of salmon is its orange flesh. Typical external characteristics are a dark gray, shiny back and a significantly lighter belly. Salmon are a maximum of one and a half meters long and weigh up to 35 kilograms.

OCCURANCE The Atlantic salmon comes - as the name implies - from the North Atlantic. Pacific salmon live in the northern part of the Pacific, where they also populate adjacent rivers. Wild salmon in this country usually come from Norway and Alaska. Since the salmon population is declining significantly - especially when it comes to wild Atlantic salmon - salmon are increasingly being bred in aquaculture.

Atlantic salmon
Scientific name: Salmo salar Origin: Northern Atlantic
You can buy organic salmon fillet or Scottish salmon online in the HONEST CATCH shop.

Pink salmon
Scientific name: Oncorhynchus gorbuscha Origin: coastal parts of the North Pacific, rivers from Alaska to California, Lena to Peter the Great Bay (Russia)

Huchen (Danube salmon)
Scientific name: Hucho hucho Origin: upper and middle Danube and parts of its tributaries

Dog salmon (ketal salmon)
Scientific name: Oncorhynchus keta Origin: American coast from Alaska to Oregon, Asian coast in the Bering Sea and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk

Chinook salmon
Scientific name: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Origin: Waters of Russia, Japan, North America and New Zealand.
As Ora King you can buy salmon in our online shop.

Masu salmon (Masu salmon) or cherry salmon
Scientific name: Oncorhynchus masou Origin: northern part of the Pacific Ocean along East Asia

Sockeye salmon
Scientific name: Oncorhynchus nerka Origin: Alaska

Silver salmon
Scientific name: Oncorhynchus kisutch Origin: Pacific coast of North America and northern Asia, Arctic Ocean

White salmon
Scientific name: Stenodus leucichthys Origin: Siberia, North America

frequently asked Questions

Can you eat the skin?

Whether you should eat the skin with salmon or not depends on the method of preparation. Salmon skin tastes particularly good when it is lightly fried. However, eating salmon skin after cooking or even raw is not recommended.

How does the fish taste raw?

Raw fish usually has a rather delicate and unobtrusive taste. This is one of the reasons why comparatively few spices are usually used in sushi dishes - this way the gentle taste of the fish is preserved. A crucial factor in the taste of raw salmon is the fat content. The more fat, the more intense the taste.

Is the fish suitable for raw consumption?

The majority of our salmon products are of sashimi quality. This means that these products are also suitable for raw consumption, for example as sushi or sashimi. All smoked salmon products are primarily intended for raw consumption anyway. You can find information about this on the product page.

Which is better: aquaculture or wild-caught?

This question cannot be answered in such a general way. First of all, aquaculture salmon and wild salmon differ in taste. Wild salmon tends to have leaner meat, while aquaculture salmon tends to have fattier meat. Aquaculture salmon tastes a bit more intense. So it all comes down to personal preferences.
With regard to the topic of sustainability, it is also difficult to make a clear statement for or against aquaculture. There is nothing wrong with aquaculture like the one in which our Ōra King salmon is raised. Those in the industry who keep too many salmon per tank are problematic. This can lead to fish diseases, which then have to be treated with antibiotics. In the end, it is the consumers who suffer.

Where does the salmon that I can buy online at HONEST CATCH come from?

That depends on which salmon product you are interested in. Our ever-popular Ōra King salmon, for example, comes from the northernmost part of New Zealand's South Island. There, in the crystal clear waters of the Marlborough Sounds, there are the perfect conditions for breeding the Ōra King salmon - in a natural, healthy and sustainable way.
Much further north, in Alaska, the HONEST CATCH coho wild salmon grows and thrives in the wild. There it is caught in strict compliance with the catch quotas - by hand and without bycatch. The HONEST CATCH salmon fillet has European roots. The underlying salmon comes from Norway.

How sustainable is the salmon that I can buy online from HONEST CATCH?

As sustainable as possible. As with all seafood products in our range, sustainability is a top priority for our salmon. We only source our salmon from suppliers who take this issue into account. Only manufacturers or fishermen who adhere to our guidelines on animal welfare and overfishing make it into our range. For example, our Ora King salmon was rated “Green” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Seafood Watch” consumer guide, making it a “Best Choice” for consumers.

How do you recognize the quality?

Salmon is of high quality when the flesh shines a particularly deep orange. Origin is also crucial. It is best to buy salmon exclusively from European production or from Alaska. The exception to this rule is the Ōra King salmon from New Zealand. If you buy salmon online, it is important to inform yourself about the fishing method. A fishing rod or longline is the requirement here - anything else creates unnecessary bycatch or is at the expense of animal welfare. The firmness of the salmon meat is also an indicator of the quality of the fish. Because: The firmer the meat, the less stressed the salmon was during fishing.