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As Munich city fishermen, we breed where people consume. In this way we avoid long transport routes and achieve a unique quality that you can taste. The Bavarian shrimp is the contemporary way to buy and enjoy seafood: no antibiotics, minimal CO₂ footprint, maximum enjoyment!


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Celebrate every victory of the German team with an additional one percent discount!*

Celebrate every victory of the German team with an additional one percent discount!*


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Sieben ganze Bayerische Garnelen auf Eis,  auf weißem Teller von oben fofografiert
Bavarian shrimp, fresh

with head & shell

from  24,99 €*

Gepulte und entdarmte Bayerische Garnelen auf Eis und weißem Teller von oben fotografiert
Bavarian shrimp, ready to cook

without head & shell, deveined

from  24,99 €*

Sieben ganze Bayerische Garnelen auf Eis und weißem Teller von oben fotografiert


Bavarian shrimp, frozen

with head & shell

41,99 €*

83,98 € /kg

Drei Holzspieße mit Bayerischen Garnelen auf weißem Teller von oben fotografiert
Bavarian shrimp skewers

without head & shell, deveined

24,99 €*

22,72 € /100g

Bayerische Garnelen ohne Kopf, entdarmt, auf Eis und weißem Teller von oben fotografiert
Bavarian shrimp, easy peel

headless, deveined

from  19,99 €*

Carpaccio unserer bayerischen Garnele auf  weißem Teller, von oben fotografiert
Carpaccio Bavarian shrimp

Ready to serve in no time

14,99 €*

299,80 € /kg

Easy Peel Garnelen Probierpaket - Garnelen auf 3 Tellern  auf weißem Hintergrund

On sale

Shrimp tasting package, easy peel

headless, deveined

from  29,99 €*

Bavarian Prime Surf & Turf

On sale

Bavarian Prime Surf & Turf

400 g Prime Roastbeef x 110 g Bavarian Shrimp easy peel

49,99 €*


58,98 €*

98,02 € /kg


1. RAW The Bavarian shrimp can be enjoyed fresh and shock-frozen raw (within 3 days from the date of fishing or immediately after thawing). As sashimi with a little soy sauce, as tartare on a bed of avocado, as carpaccio with a light lemon vinaigrette or as ceviche marinated for 10 minutes with lemon or lime.
2. FRIED Enjoy our fresh shrimp in the classic way from the hot pan. Fry the whole shrimp or the pure meat for a maximum of 30 seconds on each side in a hot pan with heat-resistant oil and then salt the Bavarian shrimp with a little sea salt.
3. BLANCHED Let the fresh shrimp turn red and toss the shrimp briefly in hot water. Then salt the still hot shrimp with a little sea salt.
4. CONFIERT Dip the fresh shrimps in hot, high-quality olive oil for about 30 seconds and then salt the shrimps with a little sea salt.

Frequently asked questions about Bavarian shrimp

Can I buy fresh and flash-frozen shrimp from HONEST CATCH?

You can enjoy our Bavarian shrimp in two ways: freshly chilled or flash frozen. If you plan to consume the shrimp on the day of delivery, we recommend opting for freshly chilled Bavarian shrimp. However, if you wish to store the shrimp for later use, we recommend selecting flash-frozen Bavarian shrimp, which are promptly frozen after harvesting. Regardless of your choice, be it freshly chilled or flash-frozen immediately after harvesting, there is no difference in quality. We have personally verified this, as have many of our top chefs who typically prefer flash-frozen Bavarian shrimp.

What differentiates the fresh Bavarian shrimp from HONEST CATCH from the products of other suppliers?

Many suppliers source their shrimp from abroad, but very few come from sustainable farming. At HONEST CATCH, we breed our Bavarian shrimp ourselves in our in-house, sustainable breeding facility. This means we not only guarantee the highest quality standards and therefore a unique taste experience, but also that our shrimps are raised sustainably.

Why should I buy fresh Bavarian shrimp from HONEST CATCH?

We are truly passionate about fresh shrimp. This dedication extends beyond serving consumers and the country's finest kitchens and chefs; in the case of our Bavarian shrimp, we even nurture them ourselves under the best and fully sustainable conditions. Our passion is a flavor you can savor. Experience it for yourself.

Which drink goes best with Bavarian shrimp?

Our Bavarian shrimp are true connoisseurs of wine. The choice of wine to accompany our fresh shrimp naturally depends on the method of preparation. For instance, when enjoying our Bavarian shrimp, we recommend pairing them with a Pinot Blanc or the Pinot Noir Rosé from the Crusta Nova Edition by Emil Bauer winery in the Palatinate.

What makes the Bavarian saltwater shrimp so special?

Honest Catch only breeds White Tiger brine shrimp, which have a delicate, slightly sweet taste and a firm texture. The Bavarian shrimp reaches a length of approx. 10-15cm and has a meat content of up to 68%. We give our fresh shrimp time to grow and only fish them when they are 3-4 months old and weigh around 20g.

This means - species-appropriate rearing, without antibiotics and in sashimi quality. What more do you want?

What taste does the Bavarian shrimp have?

The distinctive flavor of our Bavarian saltwater prawns sets them apart from the typical prawns found in Germany. These fresh shrimp boast irresistibly crunchy meat with a sweet and nutty taste, which has earned them the admiration of renowned chefs and gourmets alike. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and valuable omega-3 fatty acids, our shrimp offer not only exceptional taste but also nutritional benefits.

Our prawns' exceptional meat quality is a result of the optimal conditions at our sustainable farm. Key factors contributing to this quality include pristine water quality and our use of high-quality feed. Our cutting-edge biofilter technology ensures that the saltwater remains consistently clean, eliminating the need for antibiotic treatment. We are committed to medication-free breeding practices, promoting healthy growth among our fresh shrimp.

Regular quality checks are conducted to maintain the high standards we are known for, and our closed system prevents the intrusion of pathogens. This holistic approach underscores our dedication to providing top-quality fresh shrimp.