Our story

Crusta Nova becomes HONEST CATCH

On to new shores!

Good Bye Crusta Nova, Hi HONEST CATCH We at HONEST CATCH are seafood innovators who breed shrimp ourselves. That's why we know what's important: full transparency right down to the origin and double-checked by the best chefs in the country. This is how HONEST CATCH satisfies your seafood hunger with guaranteed sustainable fish and seafood. And all of this with a guarantee of success – this is what innovation looks like!

Our previous name “Crusta Nova”, the biological species name “Crustacea” for crustacean combined with the word “Nova”, which stands for innovation, and our brand identity date back to the time when we started our innovative shrimp farming in Germany in 2016. In recent years, the pure focus on growing brine shrimp in a land-based recirculating aquaculture facility has expanded to include seafood in general. Started as an innovative tech company, Crusta Nova has developed into the German specialist retailer for high-quality and uncompromising sustainable seafood. We love and deliver first-class seafood - both to customers in top-class restaurants as well as to hobby gourmets and lovers of delicious and sustainable cuisine. It is therefore time to give our brand a new face that fully lives up to our brand promise: the best seafood from honest catches or sustainable farming. An honest catch for our customers & our seas – HONEST CATCH.

Our mission

We have shown it with the Bavarian shrimp: it stands for enjoyment, sustainability and quality. The best kitchens and chefs in the country trust our sustainable and honest catch. Because quality is crucial, especially when it comes to seafood. We satisfy your seafood hunger and show you that you can have the confidence to eat seafood. As your enjoyment experts and seafood buddies, we will take you into a new seafood era. The whole thing is paired with a new web shop presence at www.honest-catch.com, which, in addition to our seafood range, provides you with a lot of background information, tips and tricks about preparing seafood as well as delicious recipes.

What changes?

HONEST CATCH is your online seafood supplier with a new look, simple & intuitive shopping experience as well as uncompromising transparency & traceability. But don't worry, what you like about us remains - and will be improved: our incomparable quality, overnight express shipping to all of Germany and Austria, our unique, sustainably curated range and our power to innovate!

How it all began...

Crusta Nova was founded in 2012 and is considered one of the global pioneers of land-based aquaculture. The idea of ​​breeding Australian crabs gave rise to the project of building a sustainable farm for the highest quality saltwater shrimp in the Erding district near Munich. The name Crusta Nova comes from the biological species name “Crustacea”, which means crustacean. The word component “Nova” conveys the innovation of shrimp farming in an indoor recirculation system in Germany. Starting as Crusta Nova as an innovative tech company from the Erding district with a focus on breeding saltwater shrimp in a land-based aquaculture system, over time we have developed into a specialist retailer for high-quality and uncompromisingly sustainable seafood - both for our customers in top restaurants, as well as for all hobby gourmets and seafood fans. At the beginning of 2023, the Crusta Nova brand will be rebranded as HONEST CATCH in order to do justice not only to our breeding of Bavarian shrimp, but also to our positioning as seafood innovators and to our customers and fans with additional additional services and an innovative online shop.