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Crustaceans such as crawfish and lobsters have long been considered one of the finest delicacies of the sea and have always had their place at real feasts. Connoisseurs appreciate their firm, sweet flesh, which is hidden under the crustacean's hard shell. Since the species diversity of these fascinating animals is very important to us, you can only buy seafood from us that comes from sustainable catches and meets the highest quality standards.

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Bavarian Prime Cattle

Bavarian Prime Cattle

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled


Tristan crayfish

Tristan crayfish

Discover the rare delicacy

Discover the rare delicacy

Tristan Languste im Ganzen und als Tail auf Teller


The term 'crustaceans' has found its place, especially in kitchens across this region, referring to Crustacea used as culinary delights. Among the array of crustaceans, shrimp is arguably the most beloved in Europe, with other species such as lobsters, crabs, and crayfish also gracing our tables. All of them have earned their status as exquisite sea delicacies. However, it may come as a surprise that this wasn't always the case. These creatures were once shunned by epicures, primarily due to their peculiar appearances. Today, they enjoy immense popularity, particularly among connoisseurs.
Beneath their tough exteriors lies a unique taste, boasting first-class, refined flesh with a subtle, sweet to nutty aroma. Our crustaceans are promptly frozen following processing and maintained well below freezing temperatures through innovative techniques. This ensures they preserve their top-quality and full flavor right up to the moment they reach your doorstep.


What do I have to consider if I want to buy shellfish online?

The first thing to do is make sure you are ordering from a reputable supplier. Seals are a good indicator. Customer reviews are also a reliable source of information. Then check the quality of the products. Origin and sustainability are particularly important.

You can buy shellfish online from us without hesitation. Sustainable and appreciated by top chefs.

Why do shellfish turn red when cooked?

Lobsters, for example, are black and blue when alive, but turn an appetising red colour when cooked. During cooking, the green protein in the crustacean separates from the red astaxanthin, giving it its red hue. The pigment astaxanthin is a carotenoid. It is also responsible for the reddish colour of tomatoes, for example.

How healthy is consuming shellfish?

As with any food, it is impossible to make a blanket statement about how healthy crustaceans are. Overall, crustaceans are considered to be very digestible. They are rich in protein and vitamin E, iodine, zinc and iron. Food allergies to crustaceans are very rare. Symptoms range from mild skin redness to circulatory problems.

What is the best way to eat crustaceans?

It depends on how it is prepared. Restaurants often cook shellfish and sometimes they end up on the barbecue. If you cook our shellfish, make sure you cook them until they turn a reddish colour. For inspiration on how to cook shellfish, check out our recipes section.

Can I also buy sustainable shellfish from HONEST CATCH?

Sustainability is important to us. That's why you can only buy crustaceans from us that come from sustainable catches or sustainable farming. In this way, we do our part for animal welfare and the fight against overfishing.

Why should I buy my shellfish from HONEST CATCH?

At HONEST CATCH we work closely with top chefs in Germany, Austria and Italy. This means that you can only buy the highest quality crustaceans from us. This is reflected in the taste. Furthermore, with the current overfishing of the world's oceans, we are fully committed to the issue of sustainability - which is why you will only find crustaceans from sustainably caught or sustainably farmed sources within our range.