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Find out here how our Bavarian shrimp grows

Shrimp Made in Germany

Sustainable & particularly tasty saltwater white tiger shrimp

Homestory: This is how the Bavarian shrimp lives

Our colleague Kris, head of shrimp farming, will take you to our Oceanloop aquaculture in the Munich area and show you how Bavarian shrimp are produced sustainably and innovatively.

The advantages of Oceanloop technology

Sustainable, high quality, innovative, regional & efficient

Sustainable production without antibiotics & water waste:

Oceanloop farms are closed RAS aquaculture facilities that not only minimize water consumption, but also do not use any chemicals and antibiotics or other additives. Excellent water qualities, self-developed, high-quality feed and special habitats ensure an optimal and species-appropriate environment in which the shrimp can grow with enough space.

Oceanloop products exclusively at HONEST CATCH

You can choose between fresh, frozen, ready-to-cook or “easy peel” versions – depending on your taste and preference. From headless and shellless shrimp skewers to Bavarian shrimp carpaccio that is ready to serve in no time - at HONEST CATCH you will exclusively find the perfect selection for every occasion. Also try the new soup specialties that were developed in collaboration between Oceanloop & HONEST CATCH: The Bavarian Shrimp Soup Asia, made from 52% Bavarian shrimp carcasses, or the Bavarian Shrimp Cream Soup, which is made with 40% Bavarian shrimp carcasses and prepared in just a few minutes. The development of further products based on our Bavarian shrimp is already being planned - so please sign up for our newsletter so that you don't miss any more product innovations.

Our view into the future

With the aim of establishing sustainable, land-based shrimp farming on a European level, the team at our sister company Oceanloop is facing exciting developments. Currently Dr. Fabian Riedel and Dr. Bert Wecker are working on expanding the Oceanloop Farm in Kiel and also planning a third and, once realized, the world's largest land-based shrimp farm with a breeding volume of 2,000 tons per year in Spain. 🦐

In our eyes, the future of sustainable seafood lies in a responsible fishing policy that does not burden people and the environment. In addition, land-based, innovative breeding will help ensure that we can continue to enjoy fish proteins with a clear conscience in the future. This will not only relieve the burden on the environment, but also ensure the highest standards in terms of avoiding antibiotics and chemicals. 🐙

At HONEST CATCH we attach great importance to environmentally friendly seafood of the highest quality. We play a responsible role through our constant efforts to ensure environmental compatibility and quality control. Our commitment to gentle fishing methods and the selection of fish and seafood from sustainable, strictly regulated stocks are the cornerstones of our actions. ⚓