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When purchasing fish from HONEST CATCH, you'll find sustainable, premium quality, and maximum flavor. Explore our handpicked selection of premium seafood and fish products in our online shop. Only fish that meet our high standards for sustainable fishing or aquaculture, premium quality, and exceptional flavor earn a spot in our collection. It's no wonder we supply Germany's top chefs. Discover for yourself how easy it is to buy fish online, ensuring an unparalleled culinary experience.

Lachs online kaufen - Der König des Meeres


Thunfisch - Beste Qualität für zuhause


Seeteufel - ein absoluter Klassiker für Feinschmecker


Seezunge - aus der Bretagne & dem Nordatlantik


Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish (Hiramasa) - einer der besten Sashimi-Fische

Hamachi Kingfish

Matjes - Ein absoluter Klassiker


Sardellen - leckere kleine Fische


Kabeljau Fisch-Illustration


Sardine - der Klassiker für Feinschmecker


Heilbutt - weißen & schwarzen Heilbutt online kaufen


Fischkonserven Illustration

Canned fish


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Celebrate every victory of the German team with an additional one percent discount!*

Celebrate every victory of the German team with an additional one percent discount!*


Discover our barbecue highlights


Bavarian Prime Cattle

Bavarian Prime Cattle

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled

Perfectly ripe, finely marbled

Skrei Filet auf weißem Teller
Skrei fillet

with skin

8,99 €*

59,93 € /kg

HONEST CATCH Thunfisch Steak auf weißem Teller


Yellowfin tuna steak

Sashimi quality

from  17,99 €*

Wolfsbarschfilet auf Eis, auf weißem Hintergrund fotografiert
Sea bass fillet

with skin

from  9,99 €*

Saibling Filet auf Eis gelegt auf einem Teller präsentiert


Char fillets

with skin

8,99 €*

56,19 € /kg

Doradenfilet auf Eis gelegt, auf weißem Teller und von oben fotografiert
Sea bream fillet

with skin

from  9,99 €*

Filet vom Hiramasa Kingfish auf Eis und weißem Teller

On sale

Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish Fillet

with skin

from  16,99 €*

Geräucherte Königslachsseite fertig verpackt
Ora King smoked king salmon side


from  69,99 €*

Ora King Lachsfilet mit Haut auf weißem Teller mit Eis
Ora King King Salmon Fillet

with skin

from  14,99 €*

Vorteilspackung Lachsfilet

On sale

Ora King Salmon value pack

99,99 €*


119,92 €*

66,66 € /kg

Rohes Albacore Thunfischsteak auf Eis auf rundem Teller von oben fotografiert
Albacore Tuna Steaks


8,99 €*

59,93 € /kg

Räucherthunfisch mit Sesammantel, auf weißem Teller fotografiert
Smoked tuna fillet in a sesame coating


12,99 €*

129,90 € /kg

Tuna Saku Block
Tuna Saku Block

Sashimi quality

21,99 €*

109,95 € /kg

Ora King Königslachsseite auf weißem Teller
Ora King king salmon side

with skin

from  79,99 €*

Hiramasa Kingfish von vorne fotografiert
Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish Side

with skin & bones

from  59,99 €*

Filet des bretonischen Seeteufels ohne Haut auf Eis
Breton monkfish fillet

from  28,99 €*

Wolfsbarsch Filets inkl. Verpackung, von oben fotografiert

Sold out

Value pack of sea bass fillet

49,99 €*


79,92 €*

45,45 € /kg

Vorteilspackung Doradenfilet

On sale

Value pack of sea bream fillet

49,99 €*


79,92 €*

45,45 € /kg

Schollenfilet auf weißem Teller
Plaice fillets

without skin

17,99 €*

32,71 € /kg

Natur-Matjesfilets auf einem weißen Teller
Natural herring fillet

in oil

6,99 €*

26,88 € /kg

Geräuchertes Wildlachsfilet
Smoked wild salmon fillet “Coho”


14,99 €*

149,90 € /kg

Nordsee-Seezungenfilets auf einem mit Eis bedeckten Teller
North Sea sole fillets

39,99 €*

199,95 € /kg

Graved Räucherlachs in Scheiben auf weißem Teller


Graved smoked salmon


7,99 €*

79,90 € /kg

Your advantages at a glance!

Freshness and quality: At HONEST CATCH we guarantee first-class premium fish products that meet the highest quality standards. Sustainability: We rely on sustainable fishing and farming to protect marine resources and support future generations. Convenience: Order from the comfort of your home and receive high-quality fish straight to your doorstep. Variety: Discover a wide selection of fish species and products to suit your individual taste. Top chefs trust us: We supply the most renowned chefs in Germany. Buy fish at HONEST CATCH: Experience the advantages of buying fish at HONEST CATCH and enjoy maximum enjoyment with a clear conscience.

Frequently asked questions

Buying fish online: How do I recognize high-quality goods?

When you buy fish online, you can recognize high-quality goods based on various indicators. For example, pay attention to seals and certifications, familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's information, find out about the origin of the product and customer reviews of the product or the corresponding online shop. The products in our seafood & fish online shop all impress with their sensory freshness thanks to the latest freezing methods. We also only work with companies or aquaculture companies that stand for sustainable fish. Here we rely on transparency so that the customer can get their own idea of ​​the origin of the products on the respective manufacturer's websites.

How much does fresh seafood cost?

The cost of fresh fish depends heavily on the quality and origin of the product. The fish in our range meet the highest quality standards - it's not for nothing that we supply numerous star chefs. All of our fish come from sustainable breeding or sustainable catch.

Can I order products from HONEST CATCH that are not frozen?

Currently you can only buy frozen or preserved fish from us. The fish in our range is preserved using the most modern freezing methods immediately after being removed from the farm or immediately after being caught. These freezing methods have only been used by a few companies for a few years with the help of numerous innovations such as nitrogen freezing. We believe that by using flash frozen goods we can help the environment while at the same time offering our customers a better product. Only through the use of the most advanced freezing methods can high quality proteins be preserved in the best possible way until consumption.

What are HONEST CATCH’s bestsellers?

Salmon, especially our Ora King Salmon, is particularly popular with our customers. However, our more unusual fish, such as Breton monkfish or toothfish, are also highly sought after by those looking to indulge in something special. Additionally, you can also purchase selected tuna online from us.

Can I also buy sustainable fish online from HONEST CATCH?

Highest quality, species-appropriate breeding and sustainability – these terms determine our daily work. That's why in the HONEST CATCH range you will only find fish from sustainable breeding or sustainable catch. We have personally convinced ourselves of this at each of our sources of supply.

What special accessories should I buy for fish?

Basically, you don't need any special equipment if you buy fish from our range. However, an angle palette is ideal for turning in the pan, especially for delicate fish. We also recommend cedar wood boards for grilling particularly fine fish such as our Ora King salmon. When preparing fish, you should always have spices etc., aromatic oils and high-quality butter ready.
To enjoy caviar, we strongly recommend a caviar mother-of-pearl spoon.