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The Icelandic cod lives at depths of around 300 meters in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is caught in a very environmentally friendly way, as only lines and hooks are used for fishing. The meat of the cod is light, white and firm, yet tender. It has a loose structure and a low fat content, making it one of the lean sea fish. The freshly caught cod is immediately processed by hand on site, so that maximum freshness can be guaranteed. Special feature of bacalao: soaking the cod in salt for three months releases the coating of the meat and also removes the gelatin from the spine. The bacalao cod is very aromatic and tastes slightly salty.


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The cod preparation is varied. It can be fried, steamed, boiled or grilled. Preparation in a sous vide cooker is also possible.
The easiest way to prepare it is frying. A cast iron pan with enough rapeseed oil is best suited for this. The oil should be heated to high so that the outer layer of the fish closes immediately and the oil does not end up in the meat as additional fat. Fry the cod fillet for about 3-4 minutes on each side.

Where does this fish come from?

Our cod comes from the cold and clear waters of Iceland and is fished there exclusively with fishing rods - from a weight of 4 kg upwards. They are salted and dehydrated there for 3 months to create the unique bacalao flavor. After rehydration, they are shock-frozen at -40°C and marketed.

Can I also buy sustainable cod online from HONEST CATCH?

But of course! At HONEST CATCH you only get high-quality and sustainable cod from the North Atlantic around Iceland. Our range of fish and seafood is a selection of the best products on the market, some of which we can even offer exclusively for you.

What genus is it?

Our cod is of the genus Gadus morhua. There are two names for the fish: cod and cod, although the term cod usually refers to younger specimens.

Why should I buy the fish from HONEST CATCH?

We at HONEST CATCH offer you the best fish and seafood from the world's oceans. That's why we have also included the Icelandic cod bacalao in our range. Our cod is produced in Iceland by Rafols, a traditional producer from Barcelona. Only large specimens are fished with a rod and hook, salted for 3 months and then hydrogenated again.

What do I have to consider if I want to buy cod online?

If you want to buy cod online, it is advisable to first find out about the origin of the product. Our cod comes from the traditional manufacturer Rafols and is obtained from the clear and cold waters of Iceland. It is fished with fishing hooks, which is a sustainable fishing method and supports the special quality of this cod.

When purchasing cod online, it is particularly important to choose a trustworthy supplier. This is the only way to ensure that the cold chain remains intact during transport. You can trust us because our special packaging and overnight shipping guarantee that the cod arrives fresh and in the best quality.

Choosing cod is an important decision because it is not only a delicious delicacy, but also a source of valuable nutrients. With our high-quality cod from the waters of Iceland, you can be sure that you are purchasing a product that meets the highest standards - from the sustainable fishing method to delivery.