Maatjesharing - An absolute classic

The delicate Maatjesharing glistens with a silvery hue, and its flesh is virtually boneless. Whether with herbs, sherry, smoked, or enjoyed in its natural state, it remains a traditional delicacy. Maatjes fillets are a true classic and are available in various flavor variations at our establishment.


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The 120 years of experience in handling herring at Fokken & Müller is reflected in the highest product quality. This renowned traditional establishment exclusively uses the finest North Sea herrings, caught off the coast of Norway during the summer. The herrings are frozen fresh after catching and stored under vacuum packaging until processing. To maintain the silvery sheen of the fillets, the herrings are traditionally hand-processed. Following the catch, the herrings are immersed in a salt brine for maturation. During this maturation process, the fish's natural enzymes ferment the matjes flesh, enhancing the digestibility of the fish protein. After this traditional processing, you can anticipate a product of the utmost quality and a unique flavor.

General information about maatjesharing

The Atlantic herring ranks among the most abundant fish species globally. These fish, which can grow up to 45 centimeters in length, form immense schools in cool waters. Due to their shiny silver skin, these schools are often referred to as the "Silver of the Seas." For the production of Matjes, herring caught at the end of May to early June are used, before their spawning season commences. At this time, they exhibit a relatively high fat content of over 15 percent.