Black Tiger Shrimp - Intense crustacean flavor

Our Black Tiger King Prawns are sourced from the pristine waters along the Indian coast, where they are wild-caught. They deliver an intense crustacean flavor accompanied by a distinctive, satisfying crunch. Following capture, these King Prawns undergo rapid shock-freezing at -20°C. Ensuring full traceability and upholding the highest hygiene standards is our non-negotiable commitment.C. We prioritize fair compensation for the local communities involved in the organic shrimp breeding process, while also taking steps to protect the vital mangrove forest as a valuable resource.


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Bio Black Tiger Riesengarnelen ohne Kopf und entdarmt auf Eis und weißem Teller von oben fotografiert


Organic Black Tiger king prawn, easy peel

headless, deveined

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Blacktiger Riesengarnelen Bio Verpackung von Crusta Nova

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Fundraising project - Organic Black Tiger Shrimp, easy peel

headless, deveined

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CHF 7.99*

CHF 24.94 /kg

Bio-Black Tiger Riesengarnelen Easy Peel 800g im Honest Catch Design

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Value pack of organic Black Tiger king prawns

headless, deveined

from  CHF 34.99*

Easy Peel Garnelen Probierpaket - Garnelen auf 3 Tellern  auf weißem Hintergrund

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Shrimp tasting package, easy peel

headless, deveined

from  CHF 29.99*

Gekochte Bio Blacktiger Garnelen auf Teller mit weißem Hintergrund


Organic Black Tiger king prawn, cooked

headless, deveined & peeled

CHF 7.99*

CHF 49.94 /kg

Black Tiger Riesengarnelen mit Kopf und Schale auf weißem Teller
Black Tiger king prawn, whole

with head & shell

from  CHF 54.99*


The king prawns are flash-frozen immediately after being caught to preserve their unique freshness and crisp texture. We recommend not removing the shell of the king prawns before frying or grilling, as it contains a tasty aroma and releases it into the meat. 1. WITH PASTA OR RISOTTO Fry the shrimp without the shell and add the garlic, rosemary, thyme and butter at the end of the cooking process. Then cut the shrimp into small pieces and add it to pasta or risotto. Fruity tomato sauces with lots of garlic are suitable here. When preparing the sauce, it is best to use crustacean stock, which you can pull from the carcasses or buy ready-made from us. 2. FRIED OR GRILLED PURE Enjoy the king prawns straight from the hot pan or from the grill. To do this, fry the whole shrimp or the pure meat for a few minutes on each side in a hot pan with heat-resistant oil or marinate on the grill. The color will change to an intense red. Finally, add aromatics such as garlic, rosemary, thyme and butter and toss to combine. Then salt the king prawns with a little sea salt.

Frequently asked questions about the Black Tiger king prawn

What makes the Black Tiger king prawn “easy peel” so special?

"Our 'easypeel' Black Tiger jumbo prawns, which are certified as BIO, are cultivated in a pioneering farm in South Vietnam using responsible and sustainable practices. We maintain low stocking densities and refrain from employing chemical additives. These jumbo prawns exclusively feed on natural sources, contributing to the preservation of the mangrove ecosystems."

What is the best way to prepare the Black Tiger king prawn?

When preparing these jumbo prawns, it's essential not to remove their shells beforehand, as they impart valuable flavors to the meat during cooking, accentuating the nutty, savory, and sweet taste of the flesh. When you buy our Black Tiger jumbo prawns online, you'll receive top-quality, premium-sized products.

How do I recognize superior Black Tiger king prawns?

True jumbo prawns come from pristine waters, ideally from wild catch or an extensive, sustainable aquaculture source. After harvesting, they should be rapidly shock-frozen, and that's precisely what we do with our Black Tiger Prawns. You'll recognize the quality by their exceptional taste and flawless texture.

Purchasing jumbo prawns online - which genus are they?

Our Black Tiger king prawns are sizable specimens of the Penaeus monodon species, commonly referred to in English as Black Tiger prawns. They are also known by alternative names such as Giant Tiger Prawn or Sea Tiger Prawn.

What do I have to consider when I buy Black Tiger king prawns online?

If you want to buy king prawns online, you should first find out about the origin of the animals. The king prawns in our range, which we source from wild Indian catches or from extensive, sustainable aquaculture, are products of the best quality.