Message from our founder Dr. Fabian Riedel

Dear customers,

Many of you have been accompanying the development of our company for many years and have become loyal regular customers. I would like to thank you very much for this and would like to personally inform you today about an important milestone in our company's history.

Started in 2016 as Crusta Nova with an innovative saltwater shrimp farm just outside Munich, we have developed further in recent years and started to offer other sustainable and high-quality seafood products in addition to our popular Bavarian shrimp. In the meantime, our offer for you as commercial customers in Germany and Austria has grown and at the end of 2021 it was necessary for our team to move from the shrimp farming in Langenpreising to new offices in Munich-Schwabing.
As a further step, our breeding and trading activities were separated under corporate law at the end of 2022: Crusta Nova became HONEST CATCH and Oceanloop from 2023. Not only will both companies remain closely linked to each other and led by me as the founder, but from now on they will concentrate even more closely on their core competencies.

CrustaNova-oceanloop-HONEST-CATCH Logos

The mission of HONEST CATCH as a seafood retailer is to offer you a unique, partly exclusive range of sustainable fish and seafood, including of course Bavarian shrimp. Our promise is to offer seafood that goes beyond conventional retail goods and is delivered quickly and easily to your kitchen and counters. Through our global network, we source responsibly and are on the lookout for innovative and exceptional products for you every day. We always strive to provide you and your guests and customers with a special culinary experience. The newly formed Oceanloop group of companies is pursuing the mission of revolutionizing the global shrimp industry using state-of-the-art aquaculture technology “Made in Germany”. With the takeover of an aquaculture technology company and another shrimp farm on the Kiel Fjord in February 2023, we now operate two innovative land-based shrimp farms in Munich and Kiel. The exclusive sales partner for our shrimp is and remains HONEST CATCH. As Europe's technology leader for brine shrimp farming, Oceanloop's vision is to realize sustainable land-based shrimp farming worldwide and thus contribute to the decarbonization of the food industry.
We invite you to read today's press release with further information using the link below. We look forward to continuing to be your preferred seafood supplier.
Best regards, Yours, Fabian Riedel