A glance into the future of sustainable seafood innovations

In 2023, Crusta Nova completed a structural realignment under the leadership of Dr. Fabian Riedel: Crusta Nova evolved into two independent companies that have shaped the seafood retail and land-based shrimp farming sectors ever since: HONEST CATCH and Oceanloop , the latter founded in partnership with Dr. Bert Wecker.
The legal separation was a step that took the growth strategy of both companies to a new level, without losing the shared focus and close connection between the two companies.
The FischMagazin spoke exclusively with the Oceanloop managing directors Dr. Fabian Riedel and Dr. Bert Wecker about their ambitious plans. How did the collaboration between the Strande near Kiel and Langenpreising locations come about? What advantages does this unique symbiosis bring with it? The founders provide exciting insights into the history of the company and at the same time outline the future prospects of Oceanloop : A land-based shrimp farm with a breeding volume of 2,000 tons. In the interview you will find out how these visionary goals are made concrete and whether a European sister of the Bavarian shrimp could become a reality in the near future.