Seafood & Fish Carpaccio

Ready-to-eat carpaccio with shrimp, langoustine or homemade

Carpaccio - quick and ready

In our online shop you will find a fine selection of fully prepared and ready-to-eat carpacci. All you have to do is defrost (please follow our defrosting instructions), season to your taste, serve and enjoy. All of our carpacci are ideal for quick, yet delicious starters.

Carpaccio unserer bayerischen Garnele auf  weißem Teller, von oben fotografiert
Carpaccio Bavarian shrimp

Ready to serve in no time

14,99 €*

299,80 € /kg

Carpaccio der roten Tiefseegarnele auf weißem Teller
Carpaccio di Gambero Rosso

ready for portioning

14,99 €*

299,80 € /kg

Seafood for homemade carpaccio

Do you want to try something different? Preparing seafood as carpaccio opens up a whole new world of flavors and variety in the kitchen. Octopus, shrimp, etc. often have a much more distinct taste than fish. These seafood products are of outstanding sashimi quality. We have already prepared the perfect recipe for octopus carpaccio for you.

Gepulte und entdarmte Bayerische Garnelen auf Eis und weißem Teller von oben fotografiert
Bavarian shrimp, ready to cook

without head & shell, deveined

from  24,99 €*

Spanish octopus arms
Spanish octopus arms


from  28,99 €*

Ausgelöstes Kaisergranatfleisch auf einem weißen Teller
Langoustine meat

tail meat, raw

from  49,99 €*

Perfect for your carpaccio

In order to best bring out the noble aromas of seafood and fish in carpaccio, you can find selected spices and sauces in our online shop. Use these to complete your dishes and garnish them elegantly. The products come from small manufacturers that are among the best in their trade.

Soy sauce
Soy sauce "Shimousa"

14,99 €*

74,95 € /kg

Yuasa Tamari Sojasauce in Flasche von vorne fotografiert
Yuasa Tamari soy sauce

matured in cedar wood barrels

19,99 €*

66,63 € /l

Muraglia Olivenöl im weißem Tonkrug mit farbigen Hummer-M;otiv
Muraglia olive oil in a clay jug with lobster

extra native

39,99 €*

79,98 € /l

Wasabi Mayonnaise
Wasabi Mayonnaise

6,99 €*

31,77 € /kg

Yuzu Saft von vorne fotografiert
Yuzu juice “Kitomura”

100% direct juice

17,99 €*

179,90 € /l

Our wine recommendation for carpaccio

High-class, fine taste is looking for companions - with us you will find top-class wines and champagnes! They round off your taste experience perfectly with starters such as tatar, ceviche or carpaccio and also go perfectly with a possible main course with fish. Sommeliers all over the world appreciate them for their noble taste and outstanding quality.

Ruinart Champagner Brut
Ruinart Champagne R de Ruinart

69,99 €*

93,32 € /l

Riunart Champagner Rosé Flasche auf hellem Hintergrund stehend
Ruinart Champagne Rosé

89,99 €*

119,99 € /l

Miraval Rose in durchsichtiger Glasflasche vor weißem Hintergrund
Miraval Rosé

from  10,99 €*

Weinflasche mit Chardonnay
Bzikot Chardonnay 2019

Puligny Montrachet "La Rouselle"

54,99 €*

73,32 € /l

Sattlerhof Bio Sauvignon auf weißem Hintergrund fotografiert
Sattlerhof Organic Sauvignon 2018

Ried Sernauberg

39,99 €*

53,32 € /l

Cut carpaccio yourself

  1. Allow fish or seafood to thaw completely.
  2. Cut into thin slices with a sharp knife (professional tip: put the fish back in the freezer after defrosting. This will make it firmer on the outside and less likely to crush it when cutting).
  3. Lay the slices out on a plate, drizzle with a good olive oil and season with salt, pepper and spices to taste. Garnish as desired. For example, arugula is typical, and a melt-in-the-mouth burrata is particularly suitable for some of our carpacci with a very intense taste.