How do I grill a sea bream correctly?

Tips & tricks for perfect preparation on the grill

Do you want to grill fish and don't know how? If you have rarely or never grilled fish, you should definitely start with sea bream. It is considered one of the easiest fish to grill. Be inspired by the many preparation options and just give it a try!

Grill sea bream

Basically, grilling a sea bream is very easy: 1. Season the sea bream fillet with thyme and garlic, for example, and cut the skin of the sea bream several times at a slight angle with the knife. 2. Then you can prepare the sea bream fillet on the grill or on the fire in just a few minutes.

Grill sea bream with skin

In most cases, sea bream is grilled whole with skin on. First you have to remove the skin, although most sea bream that you can buy are usually already gutted and descaled. Our sea bream, however, is already pre-filleted with the skin on, which not only saves you the effort of cutting up the fish, but also halves the cooking time. The skin keeps the fish nice and crispy and has more flavor.

Grill sea bream with aluminum foil

For example, you can grill the sea bream on the charcoal grill on a piece of aluminum foil. But it is also possible to put the sea bream wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil directly into the embers - for example on a campfire. To do this, cover the fish with some hot embers and take it out again after about 15 minutes. But which grill is suitable for grilling a sea bream? Below we will introduce you to the different ways to grill a sea bream

Which grill?

Sea bream on the wood grill

You can prepare the sea bream wonderfully on the wood grill. Since this fish has quite firm flesh and is not at all greasy, the sea bream does not fall apart when grilled and only a little fat drips onto the embers.

Sea bream on the electric grill

Sea bream can also be grilled well on the electric grill. To do this, set the electric grill to about 2/3 of the maximum heat and grill the sea bream on the electric grill for just a few minutes.

Sea bream on the kettle grill

To grill our sea bream on the kettle grill at around 180 degrees Celsius, you need about 2 minutes per side with indirect grilling with the lid closed. Then grill the fish directly over the embers for two minutes on each side.

Sea bream on the gas grill

At around 180 degrees Celsius, the sea bream needs 10 minutes per side on a gas grill, like on a kettle grill, if you can close your grill.

Grill sea bream on the campfire

The easiest way is to grill the sea bream on a cozy campfire on the grate, similar to a charcoal grill. Of course, it is also possible to prepare the fish on a piece of aluminum foil over a campfire.

Smoking sea bream

Not only can you grill the gilthead, as sea bream is also called, it is also good for smoking. It's best to hang the fish to dry while you heat the smoker to 90 to 100 degrees. Then give the sea bream to smoke for half an hour to three quarters of an hour for an optimal taste experience.

Side dishes for the grilled sea bream

Now you have the perfectly grilled sea bream and are thinking about what side dishes would go well with it? Various vegetables such as peppers, zucchini and eggplant go well with grilled sea bream. Asparagus and potatoes also make good side dishes. If you prefer to keep it simple, just choose a piece of fresh white bread and some fresh salad.

Sauces for grilled sea bream

In addition to the right method of preparation and suitable side dishes, good sauces also play an important role in a comprehensive taste experience. Which sauce should be served with sea bream on the grill is a matter of personal taste. How about a fresh lemon or lime sauce, for example? You can also enhance the taste of the sea bream with various herb sauces.

Spices & marinades for grilled sea bream

For a particularly complex taste experience, try out different spices and marinades. You can't go wrong with a grilled sea bream. Fresh herb marinades, which are processed into a pesto, give the sea bream a spicy taste and combine with the roasted aromas from the grill. Simply make such a pesto yourself with basil, chives and parsley as well as seasoned thyme. Simply process the herbs with olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan in the blender and season with salt and pepper. You can also serve the marinade as a dip for vegetables and on fresh bread. If you only want to use spices, simply use salt, pepper and thyme to season. For example, you simply put a slice of lemon and, depending on your taste, some fennel herb into the sea bream before grilling. A sea bream on the grill is a lean, tasty alternative to fish such as salmon or trout, which are otherwise often grilled. You can prepare the sea bream easily and quickly and enjoy the firm meat that doesn't fall apart. Especially if you have little experience with grilling fish, you should start by grilling a sea bream!

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