Grill lobster

Tips & tricks on how to perfectly prepare lobster on the grill

Hard shell, soft core: the lobster is one of the most popular delicacies among crustaceans. The firm meat with a sweet taste makes it a unique delicacy. Grilled, the crustacean is a special treat for the palate. To help you prepare this extraordinary animal successfully, you can find our tips and tricks for preparation, various recipe ideas and the perfect accompaniment to your grilled lobster dish here.

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Finest lobster for grilling

Kanadischer Hummer-Tail fotografiert auf weißem Teller


Canadian lobster tail

in shell

19,99 €*

16,66 € /100g

Europäischer Hummerschwanz mit Schale auf weißem Teller
European lobster tail

in shell

from  27,99 €*

Ausgelöstes Fleisch vom kanadischen Hummer auf weißem Teller


Canadian lobster meat

broken meat

39,99 €*

159,96 € /kg

Ausgelöster kanadischer Hummer auf einem weißen Teller


Canadian lobster

tail & claws meat, raw

from  29,99 €*

Zwei halbierte europäische Hummerschwänze mit Schale vor weißem Hintergrund
European lobster tail, halved

in shell

28,99 €*

263,55 € /kg

Broken Meat vom europäischen Hummer auf einem weißen Teller
European lobster meat

broken meat

54,99 €*

219,96 € /kg

Ausgelöstes Scheren-und Schwanzfleisch eines europäischen Hummers auf weißem Teller
European lobster

tail & claws meat, raw

from  42,99 €*

Halber kanadischer Hummer mit Schale und Scheren auf weißem Teller
Canadian lobster, halved

with head, Shell & scissors

19,99 €*

124,94 € /kg

Preparing lobster for the grill

Depending on your mood, you can decide whether you want to serve your guests halved lobster or lobster tails. Both are well protected from high heat by the shell and are therefore particularly tender when cooked. Of course, you can also buy the tail & claw meat and grill it if you want to make the preparation as easy as possible. With our tips, you are guaranteed to succeed with this delicacy on the grill.

  • It is best to let your lobster thaw overnight in the fridge or, for spontaneous occasions, in a water bath for about an hour.
  • In order not to overpower the extraordinary taste of lobster, you should only season it a little, for example with lemon, fine herbs, mild chilies or, as is classic, with salt and pepper.
  • Halved lobster: After thawing, gently loosen the meat from the shell with a knife, but do not remove it completely. This will make it easier to remove it later and the aromas can spread well.
  • Lobster tails: The meat of lobster tails is perfectly protected by the shell. Cook them either whole or halve them with a knife. This also makes it easy to loosen the meat.
  • Tail & claw meat: The tail & claw meat is ready to be prepared immediately after thawing. If you don't feel like shelling, this is the perfect choice.
  • Broken meat: Ideal for grilling on aluminum foil, in a grill tray or grill basket. To prevent the meat from becoming dry and tough, cook on low to medium heat.

How to grill lobster properly

Now it's time for the fire! Once your lobster is prepared, you can place it on your barbecue. You can choose whether to use an electric, kettle or gas grill. Gourmets prefer a charcoal grill for the perfect smoky flavor. Prepare it the way that suits you - there are no limits to your culinary imagination.

As a guideline for the cooking temperature for lobster, we recommend a short, intense grilling at 200 degrees, followed by gentle finishing at 120 degrees. The core temperature of the lobster meat should be between 56 and 60 degrees for perfect, tender enjoyment.

Side dishes for grilled lobster

To perfectly complement the fine meat of the lobster, light side dishes are ideal, which underline the sweet taste of the crustacean. Colorful leaf salads with bitter notes are ideal and can be seasoned with a fresh lemon vinaigrette, for example. Asparagus in all variations is also a good choice for grilling. Whether green or white asparagus, boiled or fried, the fine stalks go perfectly with grilled lobster. But any kind of grilled vegetable also complements your lobster enjoyment and is extremely easy because it is prepared on the grill at the same time. And of course a crispy baguette with herb butter is a must when grilling!

Sauces for grilled lobster

Sauces and dips for lobster should complement the taste of the crustacean without masking it. Lobster is traditionally served with melted butter, preferably with fresh herbs or garlic. Sauces with fresh, citrus flavors also go well with the sweet meat. Or you can make it particularly easy and serve a delicious aioli with it.

Wine accompaniment to lobster

Fruity and light wines go best with fine lobster. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling are excellent choices. A fruity rosé also goes well with a summer barbecue. And for special occasions, a dry champagne can also accompany the crustacean.