How do I grill shrimp correctly?

Find out tips and tricks here on how to prepare these little delicacies perfectly

Regardless of whether the grilled food is prepared in different variations, marinated in delicious marinades or with tasty dips: If you enjoy seafood, then grilling shrimp is the right choice for you!

Grilling shrimp - this is how it works!

Preparing these little delicacies doesn't have to be rocket science. You can find numerous recipes online from all over the world that use different methods and marinades. The best flavour experience is subjective. We explain what you need to look out for when grilling prawns.

The perfect variety for grilling

Basically, it doesn't matter which variety is chosen for the barbecue, although larger prawns are often preferred. This is mainly for practical reasons and makes our king prawns, among others, particularly popular. With the Black Tiger King Prawn, there are 2-4 pieces per kilo. However, small prawns are by no means inferior.

  • Large prawns: Larger prawns, such as Black Tiger king prawns, are particularly suitable for the barbecue due to their size and consistency. They are easier to handle and have a lower risk of drying out.
  • Smaller prawns: Smaller prawns can be easily placed on skewers, which makes it easier to turn and cook them evenly. This is particularly practical if you want to grill lots of prawns at the same time.
  • With or without shell: Prawns can be grilled with or without their shells. With the shell on, they remain juicier and develop a more intense flavour. The shell protects the meat from the direct heat and can be easily removed later.
  • With head or without head: Head-on prawns often have a more intense flavour, as the head contains additional flavour carriers. When grilling with the head on, care should be taken to ensure that the prawns are cooked evenly.
  • Origins & varieties: The Bavarian shrimp comes from sustainable, regional breeding in Germany and is characterised by its freshness and quality. It is ideal for the barbecue and can be easily prepared on a skewer. Black Tiger king prawns mostly come from Asia and are known for their size and strong flavour, which makes them particularly suitable for the grill. The Obsiblue southern sea shrimp is a rare and exquisite delicacy from New Caledonia. It is characterised by its tender, sweet flesh and blue skin and brings a unique, mild flavour to the barbecue that delights gourmets worldwide.

Four prawn barbecue tips from a professional

The popular crustaceans are not only delicious and healthy, but also extremely easy to prepare. Once you've tried it, you won't be able to do without it next barbecue season. With the barbecue hacks from Marco Werth, seafood expert at HONEST CATCH, you can quickly and easily turn these valuable sources of protein into a culinary delight.

Recipe ideas for grilled prawns

Discover three irresistible barbecue recipes that will turn any summer evening into a culinary highlight! Fiery grilled prawn with a tantalising tomato and soy glaze, prawn skewers with fresh pineapple and a tangy citrus marinade and grilled Obsiblue prawn skewers, refined with aromatic herb butter - these dishes are easy to prepare and are guaranteed to delight your guests. Perfect for all barbecue lovers and seafood fans!

Sauces for grilled shrimp

If you are grilling prawns, we recommend a flavoursome dip as a side dish. Mediterranean pestos or a garlic dip, for example, are popular. They emphasise the flavour of the prawns and can be enjoyed with vegetables or meat. Also a delight: fruity and spicy sauces, which usually have a slightly Asian flavour.

The question of the right barbecue - All barbecues are beautiful

Shrimp on the wood grill

Do you want to give your prawns a special flavour? The wood-fired grill is particularly suitable for this. The wood gives the crustaceans a smoky and tangy flavour that can be perfectly combined with sauces, dips and side dishes. For a particularly intense flavour, grill the prawns directly on the grill. To do this, either marinate them in oil or roast them in their shells.

Shrimp on the electric grill

On the electric grill you can grill your shrimp either directly on the grill or in a grill basket. Of course, aluminum packages are also possible. The shrimp retain their own taste, which you can enhance with an intensive marinade.

Shrimp on the kettle grill

You can also benefit from the unique aroma of the crustaceans on the kettle grill: Grill the shrimp directly in the shell or lying on the grill. Another good option: thread smaller varieties onto a grill skewer and perhaps refine them with vegetables.

Shrimp on the gas grill

On the gas grill, the seafood benefits from the high temperature, which you can easily control. The result is juicy and very tasty crustaceans. With an intense marinade you get a special taste. Do you like it juicy? Then simply grill the shrimp in the shell. Otherwise, place them in a grill basket or directly on the grate.

Grill shrimp on the campfire

If you want to grill prawns directly on the campfire, ideally use large varieties. The butterfly style gives you an attractive appearance and intense flavour. To do this, cut the crustacean down the centre, but keep the ends together. You then grill the prawns either in a grill basket on the hot embers or on a stick. The result: an intense roasted flavour with a special touch.

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