Fish for Easter & Good Friday

The right selection of fish for Easter

Easter is the time when the family comes together to celebrate and feast together. At HONEST CATCH you will find everything you need for your perfect fish menu for Easter . With us you will find out which fish is best served on Good Friday.

Which fish should I cook on Good Friday and Easter?

In Christian tradition, Good Friday is an important holiday on which many people avoid meat and instead eat fish . Good Friday and Easter have a particularly high significance in family life - it is a celebration where the whole family usually meets at home and enjoys an Easter meal. You probably have lots of ideas about how you can conjure up a successful Good Friday meal for your loved ones. To help you choose the perfect fish for Good Friday, here are our TOP 4 fish for Good Friday:

It is the all-round talent in holiday cuisine - the salmon: raw, smoked, fried, sous-vide or grilled, the salmon impresses with its strong yet delicate taste. Our smoked salmon specialties are a special highlight, as they can be perfect for Easter brunch , served as a starter or as the main course of your Easter meal.

Cod – Traditional fish at Easter

Cod is a classic choice for fish dishes on Good Friday. It has tender, mild meat and is suitable for many different types of preparation such as roasting, steaming and grilling. Quickly put in the oven, you not only have a delicious dish, but also plenty of time for your guests. Our favorite oven dish is lemon butter cod from the oven . You can find even more recipe inspo in our world of pleasure .

Tuna - Creative fish dishes on Good Friday

Tuna is a strong fish often used in sushi and sashimi. It has a firm flesh and an intense flavor that combines well with other flavors. Why not deviate from the classic fish and serve sushi in a creative way on Good Friday? You can find out how best to prepare sushi in our Sushi How To .

Sole – The perfect choice for the Easter holidays

The sole , especially the ready-to-cook sole fillet, is something very special on festive occasions. Sole has tender, white flesh and a mild yet strong flavor. Sole is often cooked in a pan or on the grill , often flavored with butter, lemon or herbs. It can also be used as an ingredient in soups, stews or fried dishes.

A fish menu for Easter - Easter and Good Friday are the perfect days to get together with friends and family and enjoy delicious fish! It's a great opportunity to spend time together and feast together. So, grab your loved ones! You can easily serve this fish menu at Easter or Good Friday. You can find more delicious fish & seafood recipes in our world of pleasure .