Grill seafood properly

How to properly prepare shrimp, lobster & octopus

Shrimp - The seafood classic for your barbecue party

What creates more summer feelings than a barbecue evening with friends and family? Our exquisite shrimps are a must. Their delicious meat is perfect for cooking on the grill. Not only can you achieve particularly intense flavors - it's also wonderfully quick and easy.

You should also grill this seafood

This seafood is perfect for you if you want to try something completely new on the grill. They bring a nice variety of taste and consistency to your plate and are also very healthy thanks to numerous vitamins and minerals. Your guests at the next barbecue party will be thrilled.

Seafood for special grill events

There is something to celebrate and you want to put something special on the grill? These seafood are among the best and most exclusive of their kind and have an unmistakably delicious aroma. Preparation on the grill brings out these flavors particularly well. With these products you are the hero at the grill.

This goes perfectly with your grilled seafood

To round off your dishes with grilled seafood, we recommend our sauces and mayonnaises. Like all of our seafood products, these are hand-picked and come from the finest manufacturers in the world. They all impress with their delicate taste and harmonize perfectly with our seafood.

Our wine recommendation for grilled seafood

These noble and exclusive white wines and rosés complete your perfect barbecue evening with grilled seafood. With their delicate taste, they bring a welcome freshness to the strong aromas of the grilled seafood. Pamper your palate with these exquisite drops.

This is important to keep in mind when grilling seafood such as shrimp and lobster

  1. CLEAN | Before you put the seafood on the grill, you should clean it thoroughly under running water. Then pat dry. Do not MARINATE | Are you a purist or do you like something unusual? If the latter applies to you, marinade is probably used. Important: The seafood absorbs the marinade particularly well if you give it enough time to take effect. Ideally, you put the seafood in marinade in the fridge for two hours. 30 minutes before grilling, take the seafood out again and let it come to room temperature.
  2. DRAIN | Drain the seafood. Otherwise, excess marinade will end up on the coals and create flames that, in the worst case scenario, can burn your seafood.
  3. GRILLING | When grilling seafood, you get the best results with high heat and short cooking times. So make sure that the grill produces enough heat. Ideally, you grill the seafood indirectly. Grill baskets or aluminum trays are ideal here. Oil these or the grill grate to prevent the seafood from sticking.
  4. PERFECT COOKING TIME | Grill the seafood over high heat, but for a shorter period of time - depending on size and weight, of course. Shrimp, for example, are ready much quicker than lobster. The basic rule is: it's better to keep it shorter than longer - this way you avoid the meat becoming dry and tough.
  5. TURN CORRECTLY | Avoid turning over multiple times. Usually a single spin is enough. This will reduce the risk of damaging your delicious grilled seafood.