How to Easter brunch

Our recipe selection for your perfect Easter brunch with selected fish delicacies

Recipe ideas for your Easter brunch

For a delicious Easter brunch, it's a good idea to combine a selection of classic and unusual as well as sweet and savory dishes. In addition to the traditional breakfast elements such as various egg dishes, bread and cheese variations and Easter flatbreads, delicious seafood is also ideal for your Easter table. We suggest an Easter wreath with smoked salmon that looks and tastes impressive. Green spinach pancakes, which are topped with smoked wild salmon and a poached egg, are also a real eye-catcher. The double dose of salmon is available with a fine salmon rillette made from smoked salmon and organic salmon fillets, which is served on crispy toasted rolls with home-picked onions. With these recipes, your Easter brunch will be a culinary highlight and will effortlessly delight you and your guests.

Perfect for your Easter brunch