How you find your perfect shrimp

Your guide for choosing the right shrimp

Would you like to prepare a specific dish and find the right shrimp to go with it? Or do you need advice on which shrimp suits your preferences and kitchen skills? Then click through our quiz in just a few minutes. After 5 questions, find out which shrimp suits your needs and get an additional 15% discount on your next shrimp order.

Gambero Rosso, Black Tiger shrimp or Bavarian shrimp? To help you find your way through the depths of our range, we have put together a guide that will help you find the right shrimp.For most of our customers, points like origin of the shrimp, taste and size are important. Dive into the world of shrimp with us and find your perfect shrimp.

What would you like to cook with your shrimp?

The choice of your dish and how it is prepared is crucial for choosing your shrimp. Whether you want to fry the shrimp on the grill as an eye-catcher or serve it as an ingredient in a curry, has a decisive influence on the perfect choice of shrimp. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Do you want to eat your shrimp raw?

No problem. All you have to do is look for the sashimi badge when shopping for shrimp. This shows you that the product you have chosen can be eaten raw without hesitation.

Sashimi Abzeichen

We also offer pre-portioned carpaccios and tartars, which are also sashimi quality and are great as a starter.

Do you want to grill or fry your shrimp?

If the shrimp is exposed to direct, strong heat, then we advise you to choose a shrimp with a shell. The shell provides protection when grilling and can preserve the flavor of the shrimp. You can choose between whole shrimps with heads or shrimps with “easy peel” shells without heads.

Are you looking for the perfect shrimp for your salad?

For the classic shrimp salad with yogurt or mayo dressing, we recommend pre-cooked shrimp or North Sea crab. For a leafy salad, however, you can use shrimp skewers, which should be fried briefly over medium heat, or “easy peel” shrimp.

Do you dare to touch the shrimp's head?

True gourmets know that the head of the shrimp contains the most flavor. In broths or sauces, the shrimp head provides additional flavor to the liquid. If you dare, you can slurp the head. However, we only recommend eating the head of freshly thawed shrimp or our fresh Bavarian shrimp.

Would you like to peel the shrimp yourself? Or should we take care of it for you?

We already have completely peeled shrimp in our range, which we call “ready to cook”. Would you like to demonstrate your skills when peeling? It's not as difficult as you might think. For anyone who wants to try their hand at peeling whole shrimp, we have simple step-by-step instructions with a video.

Are you after really big shrimp?

Your shrimp should not get lost in a paella pan or on the grill. Who, if not us, has the greatest understanding of this. In our range we therefore carry king prawns such as the whole Black Tiger prawn or Gambero Rosso.

Where should your shrimp come from?

When choosing the right shrimp, for many people it also depends on the origin of the animals: Do you want your shrimp to have traveled as short a transport route as possible? Do you want shrimp from aquaculture or from the wild? To help you get the right shrimp, here are a few facts:

Regional - quality from Germany

Thanks to innovative technologies, you have been able to buy White Tiger shrimp from Germany for several years. We breed the White Tiger shrimp in closed circulation systems in Langenpreising and Kiel. The so-called RAS systems (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) are characterized by integrated water filtration and treatment, which drastically reduces the water requirement of the system. As a land-based facility, it does not pollute waterways or disturb wild animal populations. Intelligent software can be used to optimally monitor the breeding processes and ensure year-round production. Our shrimp grow in waves, so you can consistently enjoy fresh Bavarian shrimp.

Aquaculture - Certified Quality

A negative image is often associated with aquaculture. At HONEST CATCH you will find, in addition to the Bavarian shrimp, other shrimps that also come from sustainable aquaculture. The Black Tiger king prawn comes from an EU organic aquaculture in southern Vietnam. The animals are raised in a species-appropriate manner without the addition of feed and without chemical additives. The farm relies on low stocking densities and also works closely with the local population. Not only is a delicious and versatile delicacy being cultivated, but the protection of mangrove forests is also being prioritized and promoted. With us you will also find the Obsiblue shrimp, a real South Sea beauty from particularly sustainable breeding. In addition to its firm, juicy flesh and naturally sweet taste, it is particularly characterized by its blue color. The animals are caught at night to avoid stress and are flash frozen to preserve the fresh taste of the shrimp. It is not for nothing that Obsiblue is a favorite of star cuisine, especially as sashimi shrimp.

Wild catch: Wild delicacies

You can also find wild-caught shrimp in our range. These shrimps require special environmental influences that cannot be replicated in aquaculture.
The Gambero Rosso is a wild-caught Mediterranean resident. It lives 700 meters below sea level. With its sweet, full taste, it is a unique delicacy and is also celebrated by international star cuisine for its sashimi quality.
The carabinero comes from the depths of the Atlantic and is caught by small fishing boats. Its ruby ​​red color is at least as extraordinary as its taste, which tastes intensely of the sea and at the same time slightly sweet.
The Argentine red shrimp comes from the cold waters of Patagonia and is particularly tender and aromatic in taste thanks to its life in the wild.
You will find the Black Tiger giant shrimp at HONEST CATCH from aquaculture breeding or as wild catch. The black tiger is characterized by a nutty-spicy aroma and the perfect grill size.

Fine or intense - how should your shrimp taste?

Shrimp are very popular due to their delicious crustacean taste. But if you thought across the board that all shrimp tasted the same, that would be a big mistake. There are different types of shrimp that grow in different parts of the world and the taste of the shrimp is significantly influenced by its origin.

Fine taste

Whether the aroma of a shrimp is subtle or intense depends, among other things, on where the shrimp grows. Shrimp from aquaculture, such as the Bavarian shrimp, or those from warmer and shallower waters such as the Obsiblue, tend to have a finer taste. Due to shorter growing times and different feeding conditions, they develop a more subtle, often slightly sweet aroma. This makes them particularly versatile and suitable for many different dishes and types of preparation.

Intense taste

Some shrimp species live at depths of several hundred meters, where they develop particularly intense aromas in isolation. The Gambero Rosso feels particularly comfortable in the cold, deep waters of the Atlantic and grows into a large, extraordinary delicacy. But you can also find tasty sea creatures in warmer waters, such as the Black Tiger king prawn. In the depths of the East Indian Ocean, this not only becomes particularly large, but also particularly tasty. Unlimited food sources, longer growing times and lots of exercise intensify the flavor of wild-caught shrimp.

How many shrimp do you need for your dish?

In the catering industry, a separate metric was created for the size of the shrimp: the so-called calibration. The number of shrimp is given per kilo for headless shrimp and per pound for headless shrimp.However, since this sometimes leads to confusion, we have decided to calculate our shrimps in grams per piece and pieces per package. This way you can calculate exactly how many shrimp you need for your culinary adventures. 

Hopefully our guide has solved the question of the perfect shrimp for your culinary adventures. If you are still not sure which shrimp suits your needs, you can easily find out by answering 5 questions. Click through our quiz and get an additional 15% discount on your next shrimp order.