Lobster - noble crustaceans from Europe & Canada

Lobsters, often referred to as the king of crustaceans, are considered to be the most exquisite crustacean in the world. It's no surprise that few delicacies can compare to the exceptional taste. Lobster meat is characterized by a relatively firm texture and a subtly sweet flavor, setting it apart from other crustaceans. At HONEST CATCH, you have the opportunity to buy European and Canadian lobsters online.


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Ausgelöstes Scheren-und Schwanzfleisch eines europäischen Hummers auf weißem Teller
European lobster

tail & claws meat, raw

from  CHF 42.99*

Ausgelöster kanadischer Hummer auf einem weißen Teller


Canadian lobster

tail & claws meat, raw

from  CHF 34.99*

Belfond Hummerfond im Glas
Lobster stock

In the glas

CHF 8.99*

CHF 37.46 /l

Halber kanadischer Hummer mit Schale und Scheren auf weißem Teller
Canadian lobster, halved

with head, Shell & scissors

CHF 24.99*

CHF 156.19 /kg

Broken Meat vom europäischen Hummer auf einem weißen Teller
European lobster meat

broken meat

CHF 59.99*

CHF 239.96 /kg

Zwei halbierte europäische Hummerschwänze mit Schale vor weißem Hintergrund
European lobster tail, halved

in shell

CHF 28.99*

CHF 263.55 /kg

Kanadischer Hummer-Tail fotografiert auf weißem Teller


Canadian lobster tail

in shell

CHF 22.99*

CHF 19.16 /100g

Ausgelöstes Fleisch vom kanadischen Hummer auf weißem Teller


Canadian lobster meat

broken meat

CHF 44.99*

CHF 179.96 /kg

Europäischer Hummerschwanz mit Schale auf weißem Teller
European lobster tail

in shell

from  CHF 27.99*

Suppenteller mit aufgetauter Hummer Bouillon von oben fotografiert

Sold out

Lobster bouillon

Base for soups & sauces

from  CHF 13.99*

Vakuumiertes Hummerkonzentrat vor weißem Hintergrund

Sold out

Lobster concentrate


CHF 19.99*

CHF 199.90 /kg

Hummer, Kanada, Scheren- und Gelenkfleisch auf weißem Teller
Canadian lobster, claw & knuckle meat

Claw and knuckle meat

CHF 44.99*

CHF 179.96 /kg


1. FROZEN WHOLE LOBSTER Do not thaw the lobster. Bring water to a boil in as large a pot as possible and cook your frozen lobster for about 15 minutes. Now detach the lobster's arms and claws from its body. Cut the lobster in half with a kitchen knife and remove the claws and joint meat from the lobster. Heat a non-stick pan, melt butter and add some lemon zest. Place the lobster halves, flesh side down, in the pan over medium heat. Add the remaining lobster meat and toss in the butter. After about 1 more minute the lobster is ready to serve. 2. TRIGGERED LOBSTER WITH CLAWS Thaw the lobster with claws in the refrigerator overnight or at room temperature on the same day. Insert a wooden or stainless steel skewer through the meat of the lobster tail. Melt butter over medium heat until a brownish layer forms on the bottom (milk sugar caramelizes). After the butter has cooled slightly, add the lobster tail and claws and cook, turning several times, for about 5 minutes. Refine with a little lime zest and salt. 3. LOBSTER TAIL WITH SHELL Carefully cut the lobster's belly to break the meat out of the shell. Melt butter over medium heat until a brownish layer forms on the bottom (milk sugar caramelizes). After the butter has cooled slightly, add the lobster tail and cook, turning several times, for about 5 minutes. Refine with a little lime zest and salt.


European and Canadian lobsters are highly sought-after delicacies, preferred by top chefs worldwide. They thrive in rocky waters and boast firm, succulent meat with a sweet, nutty flavor. The European lobster inhabits the frigid depths of the European Atlantic coastline, while the Canadian lobster (also known as Atlantic lobster) matures along the North American Atlantic shore up to Canada. The Canadian lobster can be distinguished from its European counterparts by a spine located beneath its rostrum. At HONEST CATCH, our lobsters are ethically and humanely processed using high-pressure processing (HPP) in the French region of Brittany. High-pressure processing is a cutting-edge technology that has recently gained traction in the food industry. Its applications include cold pasteurization of foods (e.g., fruit juices) and the shelling of shellfish. In the case of seafood, high-pressure pasteurization is mainly employed for meat separation and preservation. Without the use of chemical additives, the flesh is separated from the shell with no loss or damage. This offers significant advantages: it gently extends the lobster's shelf life, prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms, minimizes the risk of contamination, and preserves the lobster's nutrients, vitamins, minerals, texture, and flavor. After this gentle processing, our lobsters undergo immediate shock freezing at -90°C through an innovative cryogenic freezing process. In this process, European lobsters are transported, unpackaged, on conveyor belts through so-called shock tunnels. These tunnels employ refrigerants like carbon dioxide (-78°C) or nitrogen (-196°C), which are sprayed onto the raw lobsters via fine nozzles. The refrigerant is delivered into the freezing tunnel from a pressure vessel. A sudden pressure change generates a gas that absorbs the lobster's heat and is subsequently extracted. As the lobsters exit the tunnel, they have a core temperature of -18°C and can be promptly packaged and stored individually. The refrigerants used displace oxidative oxygen and prevent dehydration (drying) on the lobster meat's surface due to the rapid temperature reduction. Additionally, the low temperatures ranging from -196°C to -78°C instantaneously inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms. This freezing process outperforms conventional methods in several ways: it minimizes moisture loss (reducing it to as low as 1% from the previous 4%), retains meat color, ensures optimal quality preservation through gentle handling and maintenance of cell structures, preserves the natural taste and sensory characteristics of the lobsters, and instantly conserves the freshness of the raw lobsters.


Where do these exquisite crustaceans come from?

In our range you will find both European lobster and Canadian lobster. The European one comes from Brittany in France. The Canadian grows up on the North American Atlantic coast.

Why are there such big price differences?

The price differences when buying lobster arise from several factors. For example, extraordinarily high quality or sustainable origin ensure a higher price. At HONEST CATCH we rely on both the highest product quality and sustainability.

What should I consider when buying shellfish online?

When purchasing lobster online, there are several things to consider. First of all, you should make sure that the seafood is sustainably caught. Quality is also important. We recommend purchasing flash-frozen shelled lobster. Our lobster meat is perfectly preserved and 100% free of damage - a quality that is unique in Germany and Austria. Fresh lobsters are often kept in cages in the sea for long periods of time with their claws tied together, which prevents them from eating and eats themselves. If this is the case, you will end up with a stressed lobster with significantly less meat content.

What's the go-to drink to match Lobster & Co?

A strong white wine is recommended with lobster, such as a Chardonnay or a Pinot Blanc. You can also find the latter in our range

Why should I buy my lobster from HONEST CATCH?

At HONEST CATCH, we source our lobster exclusively from providers dedicated to sustainability. These fishermen adhere to low catch quotas, ensuring the lobsters are at the right age and harvested only during the appropriate season to combat overfishing. Our lobsters are unparalleled in terms of flavor: sweet and nutty with an intense profile. Additionally, our innovative shock freezing method, utilizing cryogenic freezing at -95 degrees, preserves your lobster perfectly without any loss of taste.

Should I also invest in a lobster cracker for lobster?

For the preparation of whole lobster with shells, a lobster cracker comes in handy. Fortunately, when you purchase our lobster meat, you won't require a lobster cracker.

Live or frozen. What's better?

We unequivocally advocate for the purchase of deep-frozen lobsters, and the rationale behind this preference is straightforward. Live lobsters are typically confined in cages for several weeks or even months after being captured. In order to prevent these creatures from injuring one another, their claws are bound together. This results in the lobster being unable to ingest food, effectively subjecting it to a form of self-imposed diet where it resorts to consuming its own flesh. Consequently, live lobsters often represent a deceptive proposition – possessing a substantial carcass yet yielding little meat. Furthermore, these stressed and self-depleting lobsters are frequently not humanely or professionally dispatched.

In contrast, our lobsters are humanely euthanized within a matter of seconds using high-pressure processing. Their pristine, raw flesh, equivalent to sashimi quality, is immediately shock-frozen at -95°C shortly after capture. This means you receive your lobster in a state akin to being freshly caught, without any compromise in terms of flavor. This extraordinary quality is highly regarded by numerous patrons in the top-tier culinary industry.