Special publication on the topic “How do we want to live?” · People need sea

In the special publication “How do we want to live?” Marine biologist, Terra X presenter and research diver Uli Kunz reports on what we can all do to protect the oceans. In addition to overfishing in the oceans, the marine biologist also discusses the health of corals in the interview and why seagrass is also known as the “rainforest of the oceans”. We at HONEST CATCH also constantly strive to offer fish consumption that is as sustainable as possible. Above all, with our Bavarian shrimp we show how sustainable seafood consumption works. The Bavarian shrimp is the contemporary way to enjoy seafood. Water is life - Our Bavarian shrimp is bred in circulation systems with an integrated water treatment unit that continuously mechanically and biologically cleans the runoff water from the breeding tanks. This means we can do 100% without chemicals. In the next step, the water is enriched with oxygen and returned to the breeding tanks. Through the repeated use of the water, the water requirement is reduced to approx. 1-2% of the total volume of the system - this means that resource consumption in terms of water, energy and space can be drastically reduced in contrast to open systems such as flow systems, ponds and cage systems. You can find the entire interview with the well-known TV presenter and many other exciting reports about water, climate protection and sustainability in the special publication “How do we want to live”.

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