How do I grill shrimp correctly?

Find out tips and tricks here on how to prepare these little delicacies perfectly

Regardless of whether the grilled food is prepared in different variations, marinated in delicious marinades or with tasty dips: If you enjoy seafood, then grilling shrimp is the right choice for you!

Grilling shrimp - this is how it works!

Preparing these little delicacies doesn't have to be a science in itself. You can find numerous recipes online from all over the world that use different methods and marinades. The best taste experience is subjective in nature. We'll explain to you what you need to pay attention to when grilling shrimp.

The perfect variety for grilling

To make one thing clear, it's not the size that matters, but the right technique. Joking aside. Basically, it doesn't matter which variety is chosen for the grill, although larger shrimp are often preferred. This is primarily for practical reasons and, among other things, makes our king prawns particularly popular. The Black Tiger king prawn comes in 2-4 pieces per kilo. Small shrimp are no worse for this reason. You can easily grill the Bavarian shrimp on a skewer. Nevertheless: When prepared correctly, all grilled shrimp from HONEST CATCH taste excellent.

Rust retention time

Regardless of which grill you use: Make sure that the crustaceans have defrosted properly and that you do not grill them for too long. Attention - up to ten minutes on high heat is enough in most cases!

All Grills are beautiful

Shrimp on the wood grill

Would you like to give your shrimp a special flavor? The wood grill is particularly suitable for this. The wood gives the crustaceans a smoky and sharp aroma that goes well with sauces, dips and side dishes. For a particularly intense taste, grill the shrimp directly on the grill. To do this, you either put them in oil or roast them in their shell.

Shrimp on the electric grill

On the electric grill you can grill your shrimp either directly on the grill or in a grill basket. Of course, aluminum packages are also possible. The shrimp retain their own taste, which you can enhance with an intensive marinade.

Shrimp on the kettle grill

You can also benefit from the unique aroma of the crustaceans on the kettle grill: Grill the shrimp directly in the shell or lying on the grill. Another good option: thread smaller varieties onto a grill skewer and perhaps refine them with vegetables.

Shrimp on the gas grill

On the gas grill, the seafood benefits from the high temperature, which you can easily control. The result is juicy and very tasty crustaceans. With an intense marinade you get a special taste. Do you like it juicy? Then simply grill the shrimp in the shell. Otherwise, place them in a grill basket or directly on the grate.

Grill shrimp on the campfire

If you want to grill shrimp directly on the campfire, ideally use large varieties. The so-called butterfly style offers you a pretty look and an intense taste. To do this, cut the crustacean open in the middle, but leave it together at the ends. Then grill the shrimp either in a grill basket on the hot embers or on a stick. The result: an intense roasted aroma with a special note.

Side dishes for grilled shrimp

You can enjoy grilled shellfish either with classics such as a green salad, potatoes, rice or bread, or you can opt for more unusual side dishes: They also taste excellent with antipasti or in a pita bread with vegetables. Basically, the seafood can be combined with most side dishes because they are particularly light and their flavor goes well with everything. Real all-rounders!

Sauces for grilled shrimp

If you grill shrimp, we recommend an aromatic dip as a side dish. For example, Mediterranean pestos or a garlic dip are popular. They emphasize the taste of the shrimp and can be enjoyed with vegetables or meat. Also a treat: fruity and spicy sauces, which usually have a slight Asian touch.

Tips & Tricks: Shrimp with a difference

Do you want to grill your shrimp but want to try something new? You can do this by varying spices and marinades or grilling the shrimp in aluminum foil.

Grilling with aluminum foil

Would you rather grill your shrimp in aluminum foil? Smaller packages are particularly suitable. 1. To do this, wash and clean the shrimp and marinate them either for a few minutes or overnight. 2. Then take a large piece of reinforced aluminum foil and fold it into a bag. Put the shrimp in the middle and drizzle them with a little lemon juice. 3. It is important that you heat the aluminum foil package as much as possible for around 10 minutes. This keeps the shrimp tender and gives them an intense flavor.

Spices and marinades

Grilled shrimp have a special aroma. You can underline and emphasize this flavor with additional spices or a marinade. For optimal taste, it is important that the shrimp do not burn during preparation. Ideally, you should put them in oil before grilling. Olive and sesame oil are particularly suitable. The rest of the spice selection is left to your creativity. So you can use a classic spice mix or experiment a little. They taste particularly good with salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Do you like it exotic? Then try hot chili or curry. Sweet marinades made from honey, a little soy sauce and sesame are also interesting.

Conclusion: Shrimp as a delicious alternative for the grill

Shrimp and other seafood are a delicious alternative if you don't just want to grill vegetables and meat. As a crustacean fan, you'll get your money's worth. Shrimp are not only delicious, they are also rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and have a very low fat content with high-quality fatty acids. The beauty of grilling is the variety - salads, sauces, various vegetables, bread, good regional meat and sustainably sourced fish and seafood. All building blocks of a varied diet. Since you can marinate the shrimp as you like and prepare them on practically any grill, they are a true all-round talent that should not be missing from any barbecue evening!

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