Your perfect New Year's Eve meal

Your New Year's Eve dinner will be a pleasure with these tips and ideas

New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity to crown the past year with a festive New Year's Eve menu centred around exquisite seafood delicacies.

From the selection of fresh seafood of the highest quality to the perfect wine pairing - we are ready to make your New Year's Eve celebration an unforgettable culinary experience.

Our focus is on making your evening and New Year's Eve dinner simple, quick and enjoyable, so that you can sit back and fully savour the precious moments with your loved ones.

The guide for your New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve delicacies

Menu suggestion for your New Year's Eve meal

Looking for inspiration for an unforgettable New Year's Eve meal with seafood? In this section, we present inspiring dishes for New Year's Eve that will turn your feast into a culinary highlight. From delicate starters and exquisite main courses to a heavenly dessert - let our recommendations inspire you for a festive New Year's Eve.

Silvester Fingerfood Starters

New Year's Eve deserves a start full of sophistication. Our suggestions for the start of your festive dinner are designed not only to tantalise the taste buds, but also to perfectly capture the flair of New Year's Eve. And what would a festive New Year's Eve be without delicious finger food that perfectly complements the convivial get-together?

Tuna tartare with wasabi mayo and Nikiri sauce

This dish is more than just an appetiser. The tuna tartare is served in deep-fried rice sheets. After frying, they look like little mussels and are a real eye-catcher. Immerse yourself in the raw pleasure of our sashimi starter, a sophisticated fusion of flavour, elegance and artful preparation.

Sea more sashimi delicacies

Caviar on quail eggs

Die harmonische Kombination von zarten Wachteleiern und dem exquisiten umai Kaviar Heritage ist eine Ode an den Genuss, die die Sinne verwöhnt und jeden Gaumen verzaubert. Die Zubereitung mag einfach sein, doch das Ergebnis wird Deine Gäste mit einem geschmacklichen Feuerwerk begeistern.

Shrimp cocktail

These party shrimps are a hit on any New Year's Eve buffet. With our simple recipe, you can conjure up an irresistible snack in no time at all that will take your guests' hearts by storm. The combination of prawns and a fresh, flavoursome cocktail sauce is a timeless classic. The presentation in a cocktail glass invites you to clink glasses. Fancy some finger food? Then place the starter on a platter and put the dip in a small bowl.

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Seafood main course on New Year's Eve

From delicious fish to succulent seafood - our seafood fondue promises an impressive feast that will turn New Year's Eve into a culinary and social highlight, where the host also has time for his guests.

Seafood fondue

The highlight of the evening: our fish fondue with Bavarian prawn soup Asia style, prepared from the carcasses of Bavarian Shrimps. Enjoy the diversity of the sea in a unique fondue experience that will tantalise your taste buds and those of your guests. And all in just a few minutes.

This fits perfectly in your fondue

Crowning dessert on New Year's Eve

Our irresistible dessert suggestion promises to elevate the flavours of New Year's Eve to a very special level. Celebrate the end of the year in style and luxury with a dessert that heralds the sweet finale to an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

Vanilla ice cream with olive oil & caviar

Finish off your festive dinner with a sweet surprise. Our recipe for vanilla ice cream with caviar brings an extravagant touch to the dessert plate and will delight your guests. Ice cream enjoyment knows no season. You are free to choose the fruit you want to add. Depending on the season, we recommend interpreting this recipe with persimmons, for example.

Suitable company and gifts for your host

On New Year's Eve, when the champagne corks pop and the year is bid farewell with a sparkling spectacle, it's time to prepare for the indulgence and honour those who make the festivities at home possible - the hosts. In this final section, we look at the art of pairing the right wine to complete the feast, as well as inspiring gift ideas to thank your hosts.