Seafood for brunch

Delicacies for breakfast

Classics that should not be missing from any brunch

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. So why start the day with oatmeal or cornflakes and not first-class seafood products? With us you will find high-quality smoked fish products and other delicacies from selected manufacturers and suppliers. For your enjoyment; even in the morning.

Geräuchertes Wildlachsfilet
Smoked wild salmon fillet “Coho”


CHF 17.99*

CHF 179.90 /kg

Geräucherte Königslachsseite fertig verpackt
Ora King smoked king salmon side


from  CHF 84.99*

Räucherlachs, Buttermakrele und geräucherter Thunfisch jeweils auf hellen Teller präsentiert

On sale

Smoked Fish Box II

CHF 34.99*


CHF 39.99*

Special smoked fish specialties for the breakfast table

For advanced connoisseurs who want to try something new and be surprised, we also have more unusual products on offer. Because there is more to discover at brunch than different variations of smoked salmon. All products are of absolute top quality and impress with their first-class taste.

geöffnete Lachskaviar-Dose

On sale

Salmon caviar - smoked

Yarra Valley Premium Caviar

from  CHF 28.99*

Räuchermatjesfilet auf weißem Teller, von oben fotografiert
Smoked matjes fillet

CHF 8.99*

CHF 34.58 /kg

Räucherthunfisch mit Sesammantel, auf weißem Teller fotografiert
Smoked tuna fillet in a sesame coating


CHF 13.99*

CHF 139.90 /kg

Treat yourself to very special delicacies

Want to pamper yourself on special occasions or holidays, starting in the morning? Why not! At HONEST CATCH you will find exquisite delicacies that can also be enjoyed for brunch. These products are the highest quality and most exclusive of their kind. Just the right thing for real enjoyment!

Happy Foie Gras mit Freilandsgans im 130 g Glas

Sold out

Happy Foie Gras, free-range goose

Of unstuffed geese

CHF 29.99*

CHF 230.69 /kg

Happy Foie Gras von der Ente im 130 g Glas

Sold out

Happy foie gras, duck

Of unstuffed ducks

CHF 21.99*

CHF 169.15 /kg

Happy Foie Gras mit Ente und Trüffel im 130 g Glas

Sold out

Happy Foie Gras, duck with truffle

Of unstuffed ducks

CHF 29.99*

CHF 230.69 /kg

Geräucherte Königslachsseite fertig verpackt
Ora King smoked king salmon side


from  CHF 84.99*

This also goes well with brunch

To round off a really successful brunch perfectly, we offer you our delicate sauces and side dishes. We source all of these from selected manufacturers that are among the best in their field in the world. Their delicate aromas complement those of our intense seafood in a very elegant way and harmonize perfectly.

Wasabi Mayonnaise
Wasabi Mayonnaise

CHF 7.99*

CHF 36.32 /kg

Stonewall Kitchen Sriracha Aioli
Sriracha Aioli

Strong aioli made from sun-ripened chilies

CHF 15.99*

CHF 53.66 /kg

Roasted Garlic Aioli im Glas
Roasted Garlic Aioli

Creamy, mild aioli made from roasted garlic

CHF 15.99*

CHF 54.95 /kg

Habanero Mango Aioli im Glas
Habanero Mango Aioli

Spicy mango aioli

CHF 15.99*

CHF 54.95 /kg

Bornibus Aioli 220 g im Glas
Aioli Sauce

CHF 6.99*

CHF 31.77 /kg

Truffle sauce
Truffle sauce "La Tartufata"

CHF 9.99*

CHF 83.25 /kg

Zitronen-Rosmarin Sauce in der Glasflasche
Citric Rosemary Sauce

Citrus rosemary sauce with orange, pineapple, lemon and mustard

CHF 11.99*

CHF 49.96 /kg

Five Spices Teriyaki Sauce in der Glasflasche
Five Spices Teriyaki Sauce

Asian barbecue sauce with soy and five spices

CHF 10.99*

CHF 45.79 /l

Die Orange and Passion Fruit Curry Sauce, im weißen Hintergrund fotografiert
Orange & Passion Fruit Curry Sauce

Barbecue sauce with orange, passion fruit and Thai curry

CHF 10.99*

CHF 45.79 /kg

The perfect drink for a cozy brunch: champagne

To complete a successful brunch with dignity and make it the first highlight of the day, you will find excellent champagne here. There is probably little better than starting the day with an excellent drop of the highest enjoyment in the company of your loved ones. Maybe not for every day, but for every special person.

Ruinart Champagner Brut
Ruinart Champagne R de Ruinart

CHF 64.99*

CHF 86.65 /l

Riunart Champagner Rosé Flasche auf hellem Hintergrund stehend
Ruinart Champagne Rosé

CHF 84.99*

CHF 113.32 /l


Breakfast and lunch become brunch. To put it bluntly, brunch is just a mix of breakfast and lunch. But you can do much more with it. It can be an enjoyable and sociable start to the day and mark the first highlight of a wonderful day, regardless of whether you have a celebration coming up or you want to invite your loved ones to your home in a relaxed setting. In a relaxed, uncomplicated way, absolute enjoyment can be experienced in the morning. And in a casual atmosphere with friends and family, a meal that was originally planned as breakfast often extends into the late afternoon. Is there anything more beautiful? THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KEEP IN MIND AT BRUNCH A classic brunch starts late in the morning - between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. This means that both guests and hosts can sleep in comfortably and are completely relaxed. As a host, a lot of preparation in advance is not necessary. Although it is common to offer a wide variety of different dishes - sweet and savory - the majority are served cold and do not have to be prepared yourself. If you add some uncomplicated warm dishes, such as egg dishes or crepes, the brunch is perfect. Our first-class seafood can be the absolute highlight of the table or buffet. The products inspire with their unseen quality and their breathtaking taste. No matter whether you are looking for tender, melt-in-your-mouth smoked salmon or unusual delicacies from all over the world, you will find what you are looking for at HONEST CATCH. We also offer you a wide variety of side dishes, sauces and champagnes to round off your brunch.