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Enjoy raw seafood at its highest quality. Here you will find all fish and seafood in sashimi quality. Discover unknown delicacies and immerse yourself in the pure taste of the sea with our first-class fish and seafood specialties. Whether shrimp, tuna or salmon - each of these sashimi products is a culinary experience.


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You get the highest raw fish and seafood enjoyment with sashimi-quality seafood. The term sashimi can only be used for raw fish of exceptional quality, which is subject to strict selection criteria.
1. QUALITY | Sashimi requires absolute freshness and the highest quality. Both are crucial for good sashimi. Fresh fish and seafood should have a pleasant, slightly salty smell.
2. SELECTION | When choosing seafood for sashimi, various factors are taken into account. The type of fish or seafood product plays a role, but the origin must also meet the quality standards. Only the absolute top class is served here.
3. TASTE | The taste of the sashimi seafood or sashimi fish should be mild, fresh and slightly sweet. The focus here should be on the natural taste of the product. 4. COLOR | The color of the sashimi fish may vary depending on the type of fish, but it should always look vibrant and attractive. The same applies to sashimi seafood. The color also gives an indication of the freshness of the product. 5. TEXTURE | The texture of the seafood is an important aspect of the sashimi experience. The product should be firm but tender and have a pleasant consistency. 6. PRESENTATION | The fish is usually stripped of skin and bones. Seafood, on the other hand, is removed from the crust or shell. The seafood is then cut into thin, even slices to emphasize the tenderness of the products. A sharp knife is used to ensure smooth cuts and not to affect the texture of the products. Examples include sushi , carpaccio , tartare , ceviche and crudo .